Written by Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Edward Marlo
256 pages (Paperback), published by The Cardician Press
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
210 entries
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Edward Marlo Marlo's Lost Hull Version nine methods, some with double backer
Related toAlso published here 1 1990 1
Edward Marlo, Randy Wakeman Repeat Signed Cards Across two double facers
1 1990 9
Jon Racherbaumer In Spades "A Clean, Well-Lighted Close-up Pad", fiction
1 1990 11
Edward Marlo, David Britland Marlo's Interlace Subtlety procedure for placing three cards between Kings
Also published here 1 1990 13
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo On The Pass bibliography with Marlo's variations
1 1990 14
Jon Racherbaumer About Ultimate Aces commentary on Lin Searles' plot
2 1991 1
Edward Marlo Red Ace Assembly ungaffed
2 1991 2
Edward Marlo Not-Just-Another Red Ace Assembly ungaffed
2 1991 5
Edward Marlo Way Ahead Red Ace Assembly ungaffed
2 1991 7
Edward Marlo Puzzling Red Ace Assembly double-sided tape
2 1991 8
Edward Marlo Ungaffed Red Ace Assembly
2 1991 11
Edward Marlo Trilogy In Blue ungaffed
Variations 2 1991 12
Jon Racherbaumer Ultimate Aces - A Select Bibliography
2 1991 15
Edward Marlo Seven Card Monte Redux nine ungaffed methods
Inspired by 3 1991 1
Edward Marlo Put A Shine On Your Mind "Ways to Ascertain the Value of a Thought-Card"
five methods with procedures in which spectator needs to remove as many cards as the thought-of value, partial set-up, memorized deck, distant key card
3 1991 7
Edward Marlo Setting Key Card at 26 spectator shuffles deck
3 1991 9
Jon Racherbaumer One More Thing commentary on thought-of cards, including Simon Aronson's "Simon's Eyes"
3 1991 11
Edward Marlo A Number For Fast Company spectator cuts selections into deck, performer names its position and cuts off that many cards, crimp, memorized deck
Related to 3 1991 12
Edward Marlo, Ralph W. Hull Marlo's Will-Of-The-Wisp card vanishes from its position, reappears at another chosen number (see Hull's More Eye Openers), two methods
3 1991 13
Edward Marlo The One-Cent Trick spectator sticks stamp to back of card, names one from face, same card
Related to 4 1991 1
Edward Marlo Palmed Saliva handling saliva
4 1991 1
Edward Marlo, Ken Simmons Not Only the Number, but... spectator cuts off cards, number of cards and card cut to predicted, fifteen memorized cards, prediction index, for correction see Ricochet reference, three handlings
Inspired by
  • "Finally" (Ken Simmons, Lecture Notes 1990)
Related to
4 1991 3
Edward Marlo Marked Memory marking with stack numbers instead of card value
4 1990 6
Edward Marlo By-Pass Switch lapping
4 1991 6
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Beyond Erdnase (fictitious) by Thom GunnVariationsAlso published here 4 1991 7
Edward Marlo Logical Double Thought, Plus One two cards thought of & one unknown card removed, all found, three methods
Related to 4 1991 8
Unknown Small Packet Second Deal three-card packet
4 1991 9
Edward Marlo Tilt Glimpse extended arm
4 1991 10
Jon Racherbaumer In Spades - of the Face-up Switch, ATFUS, and the FUFU Switch credit comments
Variations 4 1991 12
Edward Marlo Simpler Than Simple Simon stacking four cards in one overhand shuffle
Inspired by 4 1991 13
Edward Marlo Prestacking Sequence
4 1991 13
Edward Marlo The Repeat Surprise multiple phase overhand stacking demo
4 1991 15
Edward Marlo Repeatable Card Location simple location with stack, eg NPO or memorized deck
4 1991 15
Edward Marlo Gambler's Cop to Pocket finesse for removing copped card from trouser pocket, only thumb and first finger enter pocket
5 1991 1
Edward Marlo Revised Double Vanish Unit Discovery two selections vanish, card appears in sandwich, other face up in deck
5 1991 2
Edward Marlo Two-Card Throw brief
5 1991 3
Edward Marlo Deck Load loading card from sandwich into center of deck
5 1991 5
Edward Marlo, Oscar Weigle Cure for a Late Night Location edge marked card, faro
5 1991 5
Edward Marlo Scratch Marking a Card
5 1991 5
Edward Marlo Repeat Ten-Hand Poker Deal table faro
5 1991 6
Edward Marlo The Unwritten Prediction spectator turns over two cards, they are the only red-backed
Variations 5 1991 8
Edward Marlo Seventh Red Assembly ungaffed
5 1991 9
Edward Marlo Direct Rear Palm Steal
5 1991 9
Edward Marlo Ascanio Spread Drop-Off ditching card from packet on tabled pile
5 1991 10
Edward Marlo, Simon Aronson, David Solomon The Path of Olram approaches for "Simon-Eyes", four ideas with forcing decks
Inspired byVariations 5 1991 12
Edward Marlo Olram's Choice approach for "Simon-Eyes", two different numbers, memorized deck
Inspired by 5 1991 13
Edward Marlo For the Ace-to-King Boys approach for "Simon-Eyes", two different numbers, NPO stack
Inspired by 5 1991 14
Edward Marlo, Walter B. Gibson You Found It! spectator turns card face-up, it is previous selection, alternatively next to selection, mathematical, inspired by Walter Gibson's "The Popular Card Tricks", three methods
5 1991 14
Edward Marlo Giving 26 Cards to Spectator faro
5 1991 14
Jon Racherbaumer Ricochet additional sources for Ultimate Aces
5 1991 16
Edward Marlo Tilt Faro Shuffle false faro shuffle, also applied to triumph plot
  • two-shuffle sequence
Also published here 6 1991 1
Edward Marlo Logical Prediction spectator turns over two cards in a packet, predicted, mathematical
6 1991 3
George Lawrence Mathematical Force
6 1991 3
Edward Marlo Friction-less Bottom Deal secret incomplete faro condition
Also published here 6 1991 4
Edward Marlo First Application bottom deal
Also published here 6 1991 4
Edward Marlo Second Application bottom deal with four Aces
Also published here 6 1991 4
Edward Marlo Third Application you get aces, spectator kings, bottom deal
Also published here 6 1991 5
Edward Marlo Neoteric Aces in Four Movements three x-cards on one ace, other aces in deck, three x-cards become aces, four phases
Inspired by 6 1991 5
Edward Marlo Ace Switchout
6 1991 5
Edward Marlo Glideless Glide
6 1991 6
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer uncredited
6 1991 6
Edward Marlo To Table Transfer from deck to tabled packet
6 1991 7
Edward Marlo Olram's Ponsin Pass
Inspired by 6 1991 9
Edward Marlo Gambler Versus Olram
6 1991 11
Edward Marlo Multiple Mental Miracle two small numbers and selections are divined, distant key
6 1991 12
Edward Marlo In Psychological Order spectator inserts cards into small packet at random positions, packet is shown to be from ace to king
Seventh Method (ungaffed)
First Alternative (scratchmarked)
Second Alternative (stripper cards)
Fourth Alternative
Fifth Alternative - A dealer's Delight (waxed cards)
6 1991 14
Jon Racherbaumer In Spades - Perhaps it was a dream? fiction
6 1991 16
Edward Marlo Instant Ace Assembly three x-cards on one Ace, other Aces in deck, three x-cards become Aces, three stranger Aces
7 1991 1
Edward Marlo Lapping Cards from Center two methods
7 1991 2
Edward Marlo, S. W. Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift Alternative delayed handling
Inspired by 7 1991 3
Edward Marlo Mexican Flipover new technique for doing the Mexican Turnover
7 1991 5
Edward Marlo An Application clean visible transformation of sandwiched card
7 1991 6
Edward Marlo Unexpected Mates spectator turns over any card, same as odd-backed prediction in deck
7 1991 8
Edward Marlo KM Righting of a reversed card in middle
7 1991 8
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley Weight While I Find It five methods, ungaffed, locator card, sticky card
Inspired by 7 1991 9
Edward Marlo Count Reverse touches for Count Reverse, turning cards over during Elmsley Count or similar
7 1991 11
Jon Racherbaumer About the Psychic Princess Presentation credit information
7 1991 13
Edward Marlo Predictable Princess applying Smith Myth, based on "Princess A-Hoy" (Impostress Princess)
7 1991 13
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Signed Technicolor Card to Wallet card from blue deck is signed and lost, two cards from red deck are lost, red cards found, blue in Bendix Bombshell Wallet
7 1991 14
Edward Marlo Repeat Shank Shuffle Sans Block Transfer sequence to make it look as if the top cards are lost
7 1991 16
Edward Marlo The Stapled Cards signed card travels between stapled sandwich cards, four methods
Related to 8 1991 1
Edward Marlo Sandwich Load
8 1991 2
Edward Marlo Pseudo Duplicate Four/Five of Diamonds
8 1991 3
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Fifth Method signed card travels between stapled sandwich cards
Related to 8 1991 5
Edward Marlo The Twenty-Six Cent Trick card with stamp on back is shuffled into deck, any card selected from face is the one, gaffed deck version
Inspired by 8 1991 8
Jon Racherbaumer No Access rants
8 1991 9
Edward Marlo Out of Sorts strange coincidence in which the position of selection in packet is determined with value sequence in another packet, based on Andre Robert's "Titan" (Magigram March 81)
8 1991 10
Edward Marlo Seven-Card Assembly with an Ulterior Motive two methods
8 1991 11
Edward Marlo Putting in Wave Work
8 1991 12
Edward Marlo Marlo's Convincing Layout Sequence for assembly
8 1991 12
Edward Marlo Magician Cuts the Aces with wave work in cards
8 1991 13
Edward Marlo The Unexpected Seven-Card Stack faro
Inspired by
  • "The Zero Stack" (Bill Kalush, Precursor #28)
8 1991 14
Edward Marlo Four for the Road three further methods for "Simon Eyes", faro
Inspired byRelated to 8 1991 14
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Unknown Double Key Card Setting including Marlo's Ruse Cull to set key cards in place
8 1991 14
Jon Racherbaumer Cosmic Cardman's Handback poetry
8 1991 16
Edward Marlo, Darwin Ortiz Day-Dream Card odd-backed card to wallet
Inspired by 9 1991 1
Edward Marlo Commercial Method odd-backed card to wallet, rough-smooth Mene-Tekel
Inspired by 9 1991 3
Edward Marlo Marlo's Bottom Deal Exchange
9 1991 4
Edward Marlo The Olram Poke three methods
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method - "Estimation Poke" (spelling)
Inspired by 9 1991 5
Edward Marlo Jaws two cards are jabbed into deck and capture selection
9 1991 6
Unknown Injog Insertion injogging a selection
9 1991 6
Edward Marlo Dead-Eye Jawing two cards are jabbed into deck and capture selection
9 1991 7
Edward Marlo Tabled Jaws two cards are jabbed into deck and capture selection, tabled deck
9 1991 8
Edward Marlo Center Chomp two cards are jabbed into deck and capture selection, tabled deck
9 1991 10
Edward Marlo Think Theory spectator cuts at thought-of card, one out of two or four
Related to 9 1991 11
Edward Marlo, Jay Sankey Break Away jacks placed in wallet appear at different positions, last one transposes with signed selection, Bendix Bombshell
Inspired by 9 1991 13
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch Variation
9 1991 14
Edward Marlo K.M. Move reverse fingering
9 1991 15
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Wallet Load
9 1991 16
Edward Marlo I'll Do It Again! two halves on table, face-up card travels from half to half, repeat, red and black sections transpose, three stranger cards
10 1991 1
Unknown Moisture Palm card sticks to hand
10 1991 2
Edward Marlo Slip-Action Switch two halves are exchanged except cover card
10 1991 2
Edward Marlo Complete Mental Secret odd-backed card is touched and tabled, any named card removed from other deck, they match, roughed red/blue menetekel, roughed red-blue double-back deck, see also Ibidem #19
Related to 10 1991 4
Edward Marlo Logical Reverse Assembly - First Method (Seated Version) four Aces with three x-cards, fifth packet to which Aces travel, then all back, ungaffed
10 1991 5
Edward Marlo Optical Bottom Addition (To Fan) adding cards to bottom at table edge, see also page 11
10 1991 6
Edward Marlo Logical Reverse Assembly - Second Method (Stand-up) four Aces with three x-cards, fifth packet to which Aces travel, then all back, ungaffed
10 1991 7
Edward Marlo Partial Bottom Replacement replacing only one of several bottom palmed cards
10 1991 7
Edward Marlo Logical Reverse Assembly - Third Method four Aces with three x-cards, fifth packet to which Aces travel, then all back, stranger Aces
10 1991 7
Edward Marlo Logical Reverse Assembly - Fifth Method (Seated) four aces with three x-cards, fifth packet to which aces travel, then all back, four double facers
10 1991 9
Bob Stencel Circular Display
10 1991 10
Unknown Book Reverse turning over cards over copped card
10 1991 10
Edward Marlo Book Reverse Alternatives
10 1991 12
Edward Marlo Houdini Would Have Bought This! ambitious sequence with double backer
10 1991 13
Edward Marlo Backing the Royal Family small packet all backs with transformation into royal flush
10 1991 13
Edward Marlo Letter to Simmons - Case of the Shuffles red and black cards shuffle themselves, full deck
10 1991 14
Alex Elmsley Jog Fan brief
10 1991 14
Edward Marlo An Ace-Cutting Effect
10 1991 15
Edward Marlo Magnetic Ace & Color Separation aces stay on top even though faro shuffled into deck, deck is shuffled into red-black separation
10 1991 15
Edward Marlo Memo-Deck Index memorized deck with corner short key cards as pocket index
11 1992 1
Edward Marlo Any Deck Brain-Wave pocket index
11 1992 2
Edward Marlo Invisible Deck ungaffed deck, pocket index
11 1992 2
Edward Marlo Card Prediction in Wallet any named card, pocket index
11 1992 3
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico The So-Called Berglas Effect ideas with a stooge
11 1992 3
Edward Marlo, Hideo Kato Nameless "It's Over Here, Of Course" card vanishes in packet and reappears, with second handling "Keyless Version"
Inspired by
  • "Where Has It Gone?" (Hideo Kato, Genii Sept. 1969)
Related to
11 1992 3
Edward Marlo Drop Cut Control placing key next to peeked at card during running cut
11 1992 3
Martin Gardner Hide-Out showing cards in packet while hiding selection
11 1992 4
Edward Marlo Odd Aces placing cards from other deck into deck as locator cards
11 1992 4
Edward Marlo Neo Jazz Aces three stranger cards
11 1992 5
Jon Racherbaumer In Spades rants
11 1992 6
Edward Marlo No Further Than This production of selection, Twos, Kings
11 1992 6
Jon Racherbaumer What About the Buckle Count? credit essay referring to notes by Stephen Minch
Related to 11 1992 8
Max Malini Moisture Double Laydown moisture through breathing
11 1992 8
Edward Marlo Pinky Count credit information
11 1992 9
Edward Marlo Solution to Gin Rummy! faro
11 1992 10
Edward Marlo After Pierce odd-backed transposition of quartets, one by one
11 1992 10
Edward Marlo, Bill Simon, Dai Vernon Quick Sands Aces with three alternative methods
11 1992 11
Edward Marlo Updating the X-Force cross card force handling with prediction effect, with additional thoughts on slick/wave crimp cards
11 1992 13
Edward Marlo Spin on the Revolving Aces spectator stops four times and locates Aces, Christ's Force
11 1992 14
Edward Marlo Olram's Order Ace through Ten order themselves, ten double facers
11 1992 14
Edward Marlo Bold Leaper unfinished explanation
Related to 11 1992 16
Edward Marlo Nullifactoring three cards, additional ideas for Stewart James' "Nullifactor", two methods
Inspired byAlso published here 12 1992 1
Stewart James Nullifactor Move one-handed turnover of deck while keeping top card in place
12 1992 1
Bert Fenn Pockethereal, Minus Pockets notes
Inspired by 12 1992 2
Jon Racherbaumer Clarified Packethereal two cards transpose from pocket to pocket, duplicate
Inspired by 12 1992 3
Edward Marlo, Nate Leipzig Marlo on Leipzig's "Acrobats" face cards of two halves transpose, duplicate and SBS double facer
Inspired by 12 1992 4
Edward Marlo Ambitious Beginning
Related to 12 1992 5
Edward Marlo Logical Slow Motion Acembly aces transpose one by one into a fifth packet
12 1992 6
Edward Marlo Insertion Switch no-touch feeling
12 1992 6
Edward Marlo Count Cop Transfer copped card onto tabled packet, brief
12 1992 8
Edward Marlo Card Stack Demo kings openly stacked, tens and aces end up also, faro and overhand stacking
12 1992 9
Edward Marlo Lessinout Stack Handling
12 1992 9
Edward Marlo Triple Faro Control openly controlling aces while secretly controlling two more sets of four-of-a-kinds
12 1992 10
Edward Marlo Precursor to Twisting the Aces precursor to and credit information on Dai Vernon's "Twisting the Aces"
Inspired by 12 1992 11
Neal Elias Before Zingone impromptu double backer ambitious phase
12 1992 12
Frederick Braue Braue Reverse
12 1992 12
Edward Marlo Revised Red Ace Assembly ungaffed
12 1992 13
Edward Marlo How's That?
Related to 12 1992 16
Edward Marlo Latest Opening Gambit stacking hand while counting to see if all 52 are there, in the hands
Related to 13 1993 1
Edward Marlo The Covered Second Deal
13 1993 2
Edward Marlo Out There approaches for "Out of this World", stripper and ungaffed divided deck
13 1993 4
Bob Veeser The Force that isn't There forcing a card that is no longer in the deck, ungaffed
13 1993 5
Jon Racherbaumer, Stephen Minch More on the Buckle Count corrections and additions to the article, quotes from correspondence with Stephen Minch
Inspired by 13 1993 6
Edward Marlo Bluff-Bluff Assembly
Inspired by 13 1993 9
Edward Marlo No-Break Convincer apparently no break can be held
13 1993 10
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo So it Goes... credit discussion of the Second Deal Lap / Sarles Switch / Second Deal Slough-Off
Related to 13 1993 12
Edward Marlo Hamman Effect Handling Five to Nine of a suit are dealt in two piles, the Six and Eight change to Queens, second deal lap application
Inspired by 13 1993 12
Edward Marlo Roughed Think Ace named ace is reversed and odd-backed, double-enders, rough-smooth
13 1993 13
Edward Marlo Losing Aces, Cutting Aces with commentary on Dai Vernon's "Cutting the Aces"
Inspired by 13 1993 14
Edward Marlo On Vernon's "Mental Card Miracle"
Inspired by 13 1993 16
Edward Marlo, Lee Freed Lost Twenty-One Card Trick using reverse faros
Also published here 14 1993 1
Edward Marlo Completing Crux Deluxe Twisting Combo with Daley's Last, fix for Jon Racherbaumer's "Crux Deluxe" (Precursor)
14 1993 2
Harvey Rosenthal Reverse Fan Count
14 1993 2
Edward Marlo Glim Deal sighting ahead when dealing with shiner
14 1993 5
Edward Marlo The Glimmer
14 1993 5
Edward Marlo, John C. Wagner Revised Lie Detector down under deal, quartet production, set-up, two variations:
  • For Center Dealers
  • For Side-Stealers
Inspired by 14 1993 5
Jon Racherbaumer On the Stevens Control credit information
Related to 14 1993 7
Edward Marlo Stevens Control Riffle Culling handling
Also published here 14 1993 9
Edward Marlo Honing Homing Ace placed aside comes back, change to Kings, Queen where Aces are suspected, Aces from pocket, method for Duffie-Sadowitz effect
14 1993 10
Edward Marlo Easy Packet Switch covered Tent Vanish switch, here as matching trick
14 1993 11
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force
14 1993 11
Jon Racherbaumer What's the At-Fuss? some more credit rants
Inspired by 14 1993 12
Edward Marlo Muriel's Choice selection is blown out of deck
15 1993 1
Edward Marlo Bar Spin card spins on table and transforms, either face down or visibly face up
15 1993 2
Edward Marlo Bold Leaper number at thought-of position remembered, sticky palm transfer
15 1993 3
Edward Marlo No Drawing Required four cards are placed in deck during dealing, four matches
Inspired by 15 1993 4
Jon Racherbaumer For the Record credit information on the Jordan Count
15 1993 6
Edward Marlo Si Stebbins from New Pack Order brief
15 1993 6
Edward Marlo Retro-Look session notes by Marlo
15 1993 7
Edward Marlo Unstacked Indication deck cut in four piles, top card of chosen pile turned over, top card of other piles used to count down to match first card
15 1993 8
Edward Marlo Black Jack Versus Poker four ace kicker, three methods
Inspired by 15 1993 9
Edward Marlo, John Scarne Scarne Review Marlo's comments on John Scarne's appearance on the "Jack Paar Show" (July 1961)
15 1993 12
Edward Marlo Side-Jog Pull-Down in example twelve cards counted as nine
15 1993 15
Edward Marlo Reverse-Count Backward Faro from sixteen-card packet, reverse faro elimination
16 1993 1
Edward Marlo Predicted Mental Spell spelling effect with predictions on billets
16 1993 3
Edward Marlo Olram's Nest of Purses marked coin into nest of purses
16 1993 6
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo Glimpse of Another Side credit discussion of "The Dr. Nuzzo Peek"
Related to 16 1993 7
Edward Marlo Building a Better Bridge dealing winning bridge hand from shuffled deck
Inspired by 16 1993 10
Edward Marlo Visibly, Invisibly two halves, two selections placed in them, they transpose to top of other halves
16 1993 12
Edward Marlo Brazen Inversion
16 1993 13
Jon Racherbaumer In Spades comments about sessioning
16 1993 16
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