Written by Milton Kort
Work of Milton Kort, Various
52 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Milton Kort Introduction
Milton Kort, Ron Bauer Off Color Elevators with odd-backed Ace to Three
Variations 5
Milton Kort Rosini's Aces Off Color Aces lost, they turn over at once, then change back color
Inspired by 7
Block Upjog Addition and Switch
Milton Kort Four Ace Assembly assembly, then the Aces change back color as surprise
Milton Kort Off Color Ace Deuce Trey Ace to Three removed, chosen value changes into selection, selection then changes back color
Milton Kort Off Color Center Dealing center deal demo with Aces which change back color as climax
Variations 17
Milton Kort Off Color Three Card Monte at the end the money card changes back color as kicker
Milton Kort Off Color Mixup card pocketed, two cards chosen, one found and it has a different back color, pocketed card is then shown to be same selection and odd-backed card is the other selection
Milton Kort The Ace In The Case three card packet placed in case, shaken, taken out and center Ace turned over, repeat, color-changing back kicker of Ace
Milton Kort Amaso Ala Kort small packet ambitious card sequence, color-changing back kicker
Inspired by
  • "Amaso" (William H. Wilson)
Milton Kort Oil & Water Off Color 4&4, oil and water phase, one packet changes back color as surprise climax
Milton Kort Oil and Water Kicker (and still off-color) 4&4, Oil and Queens type climax in which one packet changes into blank cards with message, others back color
Harvey Rosenthal Touch Turn Retouched one of five touched cards turns over, color changing back kicker
Inspired by
  • "Touch Turn" (Ed Marlo, Linking Ring, Sep. 1963)
Milton Kort Cutting the Aces, Off Color color-changing back kicker
Milton Kort Ambitious Like ambitious card changes back color as climax
Variations 41
Milton Kort, Neal Elias Off Color Transposition two cards transpose three times, then change back color
Milton Kort Off Color Prediction card chosen (cannot be explained like), it is predicted on a piece of paper, paper changes color, then back of card as well
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