Written by Scotty York
Work of Scotty York
22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Scotty York Introduction
Scotty York First Card Sequence outline of multi-selection routine, signed cards, using Scotty York Lamp, LePaul Wallet and York's Electric Razor
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Scotty York Card Sleights recommandations
Scotty York Simplified Side Steal inserting card in beveled deck, beginning of side steal
Scotty York Impromptu Card Sequence routine with four Aces, several references to other published Ace routines, ends up with selection on ceiling
Scotty York The Astrology Deck Henning's card to Box, handling for switch
Scotty York The Card in the Menu Stand one of two selections is signed, one found by cutting to it and placed on menu stand, other found inside menu stand, one duplicate
Scotty York The Walking Talking Card Box using talking card box, card is named and found by wind-up toy
Scotty York, Bob Chesbro Business Cards And Aspirins signed business card transposes with aspirins in tin, matching signed corner
Inspired by
  • Bob Chespro's routine in "Genii" Vol. 43, No. 6. June 1979.
Scotty York Kid Stuff remarks
  • Twentieth Century Sock
Scotty York Tweezers coin produced from folded card, child can remove it with tweezers
Scotty York The Candy Machine baking a Hersheys cocholate in a pea can
Scotty York Stand-Up Ring Routine stand up version, with half ring
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Scotty York The Chinese Cigarette Paper torn and restored paper, pieces placed in hole of Chinese coin
Inspired by 17
Scotty York A Very Special Sequence routine with perfume and endless chain, parts only referenced, method to perform endless chain without table
Scotty York The Modernized Cap and Pence with Lifesaver mints
Also published here 20
Scotty York The Iron Pills production of four dice from purse frame, pills vanish in purse frame, dice stacking sequence with pill bottle and appearing pills as climax
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