Written by Terri Rogers
Work of Terri Rogers
128 pages (Hardcover), published by Martin Breese
Illustrated with drawings by David Britland, Terri Rogers
Language: English
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Martin Breese Publisher's Note
Max Maven Introduction
Terri Rogers A Letter from Terri Rogers
Terri Rogers Top of the Bill Boomerang (Jastrow) optical illusion with names of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
Terri Rogers The Boromian Link Linking card effect, one card frame links onto two others frames.
Inspired by 19
Terri Rogers Buckled Bunkum Invert a flexible plastic buckle threaded on a cloth belt. Inspired by Bob Neale's Floppy Buckle / Get Out of Jail technique
Terri Rogers Chess Mate Magician uses two transparent chess clock faces to predict sum of two randomly chosen numbers, and also the choices end on two matching chess pieces. Based on the Gemini Factor mathematical principle.
Related to 41
Terri Rogers Mind Game Magician predicts correctly that spectators will randomly end up choosing two comedians who work together. Based on the Gemini Factor mathematical principle.
Related to 46
Terri Rogers StarGate Two card frames glued back to back turn inside out to become glued face to face
Inspired by 50
Terri Rogers Twisted - The Afghan Border Race Puzzle - magician can predict who can complete a maze on paper the fastest
Terri Rogers Word of Mind Progressive Anagram effect with a theatre review brochure, credits Sam Schwartz's Incredibook Test (interlocking anagrams)
Terri Rogers The FlexiCard Flexagon with playing cards
Terri Rogers Blink Three colored plastic rings shown separate, then become linked while spectator is holding them, impossible to separate
Terri Rogers BlockBuster Solid metal ring penetrate through ribbon that is threaded onto solid block of wood
Terri Rogers The Anatomy of a Magic Trick On where Terri's ideas come from
Terri Rogers The Magic Oblong Three rings change into a large oblong frame
Terri Rogers The Colour Changing Ring Ring that changes colour, based on viewing angle
Related to 122
Terri Rogers The Three Colour Changing Rings Three rings on vertical rod, change colours repeatedly
Related to 124
Max Maven Addendum Additional applications of The Gemini Factor
Related to 127
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