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Father Cyprian A Two Deck Brainwave Deck chosen and reversed in blue deck matches card reversed beforehand in red deck, then the decks switch places
Father Cyprian, Edward Marlo, Audley Walsh Factory Guaranteed Opener 1. Magician locates four Aces from blue deck (Marlo sequence)
2. Spectator locates four Aces, backs of Aces are revealed to be red (credit to Audley Walsh)
3. Aces are placed into card case with the Joker, the Aces change into blue backs
Father Cyprian Harry the One Armed Gambler Poker deal with one hand, magician gets Royal Flush in Spades
Inspired by 5
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force portion cut and turned over, then deck secretly turned over
Also published here 6
Father Cyprian Door to Door Card Sharp Deck shuffled, spectator cuts to four Aces, magician turns them over
Inspired by
  • "The Spectator Aces" (Alan Shaxon, Magigram)
Father Cyprian Glim Deck Pseudo demo of shiner, magician can divine the card cut to by looking at "reflection"
Father Cyprian Matched Pair Two cards selected by two spectators are mates
Peek Diablo While picking a card up from the table
Also published here 9
Father Cyprian Thoughts on the False Cut Making a false cut look more natural, technical tips (Swing Cut / Himber False Cut)
Father Cyprian Quitting the Company Ambitious Card routine with a few phases, ends with card travelling into card case
Father Cyprian The Poetry of Magic Theory on what makes card magic entertaining: Interest, Clarity, Spectator involvement
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