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28 pages (Stapled), published by Thomas van Büren Lenger
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Language: German
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Thomas van Büren Lenger Vorwort
Michael Weber Coin Through Spectator's Hand seven coins counted into spectator's hand, one magically removed, sticky
Also published here 4
Michael Weber Off the Deep End finger ring through wide end of spoon
Also published here 5
Michael Weber Sutured Incision threaded deck, further ideas, inspired by Bob Cassidy book test
Also published here 6
Michael Weber The One-Card Linking Card using single card
Also published here 9
Michael Weber $1000 Ring on Stick
  • Griff
  • Austausch
  • Die Durchdringung auf den Stab
  • Die Durchdringung vom Stab
  • Als eine Verwandlung
Also published here 13
Michael Weber Steel small black ball put in spectator's hand, it is then suddenly in performer's hand and spectator holds different steel ball instead
Inspired by 15
Michael Weber The Ship in the Bottle ungaffed
Also published here 17
Michael Weber The Backwards Rope Trick cut and restored rope, done in reverse, knot is attached onto rope, rope is shown to be in two pieces, then scissors used to restore the rope
Also published here 21
Michael Weber The Healer button torn off spectator's shirt, then buttonhole on other side is vanished
Inspired by 23
Michael Weber $100 Blow-Off torn and restored bill as follow-up to bill switch
Also published here 26
Michael Weber Thoughts & Theories
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