Written by Friedrich Roitzsch
Work of Friedrich Roitzsch
48 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Friedrich Roitzsch
Language: English
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Friedrich Roitzsch Switch'em after a muck demonstration two cards in spectator's sleeve transpose with two cards on table
Inspired byAlso published here 3
Dan MacMillan One Hand Turn Over Switch brief, without folding
Also published here 4
Covered Multiple Turnover while holding a cover card in right hand
Two-Card Packet Switch
Friedrich Roitzsch Robin Hood card is thrown and caught in deck and splits signed selection which has a tear then
  • Other Performing Conditions
  • Unsigned Version
Inspired byAlso published here 10
Looy Simonoff Looy's Addition from thumb clip palm at table edge
Also published here 13
Fingertip Peek Force angle jog
The Snap Throw method to throw card, starting position on back of thumb with finger over card
Friedrich Roitzsch The Fastest Card Trick in the World Aces and Kings transpose at once, followed by pocket interchange
Also published here 21
Edward Marlo Fifth Peel Switch
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm from Packet
Stuart Gordon Double Turnover brief
Edward Marlo Mechanical Second Deal
Also published here 26
Friedrich Roitzsch Out of this Card Box starts with shuffled deck
Related toAlso published here 30
Karl Fulves Combo System memorizing red/back order
Also published here 30
Friedrich Roitzsch Instructions for a Miracle signed card appears bound in spiral-bound booklet
Inspired byAlso published here 37
Thumb Clip Steal bottom card of double
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