1971 ca.
Written by George Sands
Work of George Sands
19 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
17 entries
Cover photograph
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George Sands 1-3-9 System method to transmit a card using four cards and one is turned over
Related to 1
George Sands 3 Card Improvement of 1-3-9 System, coding card using three Aces, one is face down
George Sands Double Cross one phase only, repeated as challenge, apparently stolen by Lorayne, see also page 16 of Kabbala, Vol. 2
Related to 2
George Sands Lucky 7's coding chosen card using two Sevens
George Sands Book Test four corners with page numbers are torn from newspaper, one is turned over and numbers added to chose page in a book
George Sands Fast Multiplication one number given by performer
  • 3 Digits
  • 9 Digits
  • 15 Digits
George Sands Magic Purse paper is folded into a purse, when opened a coin is found inside
George Sands Coins Through Hand two coins one back of closed fist penetrate hand, one by one
George Sands Coin Transformation coin transforms in fold of pants
George Sands Balloons various balloon modeling figures
  • Gun
  • Giraffe
  • Dachshund
  • Barking
  • Push Me - Pull You
  • Seal
  • Dino
  • Deer
  • Rudolph
  • An Apple
  • Balloon Head Puppet
George Sands Puppet Skit patter
George Sands Double Color Changing Card card with different colored back turns out to be same face as first selection and turns into second selection
George Sands Single Color Changing Card card with different colored back turns out to be same face, then card transposes with other selection
George Sands Reverse Color Change card chosen from face-up deck is only one with different colored back
George Sands Cards to Pocket Ten Cards up the Sleeve, to performer's and spectator's pocket using DeLand's Fadeaway card to finish
George Sands Sandslide false count
George Sands Witch Doctor Cards spectator cuts packet and performer cuts same amount, then cards vanish and appear in packets, multi-phase routine
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