Written by George Sands
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George Sands Preface
George Sands Homogenized Oil and Water 4&4, extra cards, multi-phase routine
Inspired by 2
Dai Vernon The Wedge wedge cull, for displacement
Dai Vernon The Vernon Glide switching two cards in center of fan, while splitting fan in two, for oil and water
George Sands The Buckle Turn showing four cards, hiding one surface
Alex Elmsley Elmsley or Ghost Count
George Sands You Do As I Do spectator is not able to follow, each person has four cards, three phases
Inspired by 9
George Sands, Dai Vernon Twisting the Aces last Ace turns in spectator's hands
Inspired by 12
George Sands Business Card Magic four cards turn over one by one, in style of Twisting the Aces
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