Written by Frank Garcia

Work of Various

119 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ed Tricomi.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Frank Garcia "Le Grande Entrance" 7
Father Cyprian Performer Second to None 8
Lou Lancaster 3 Card Monte 9
Amazing Randi Introduction 12
Frank Garcia Don't Bet On It! remarks about Three Card Monte 15
Frank Garcia I Didn't Know That! about the origins of Three Card Monte 18
Frank Garcia "Queer Money" counterfeit money used in Three Card Monte 19
Frank Garcia The Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte about Three Card Monte on the streets with the subchapters:
- "A Game For All Seasons"
- "If YOu Bet Fast, You Can't Last! If You Bet Slow, You've Got To Go"
- Don't Think You're So Smart!
- The Code Is Out. The Cigarette Method
- The Head Method
- The Call Method or The Sleight of Mouth Method
- The Money Method
Frank Garcia The Right Cards to Use 29
Frank Garcia The Underthrow fair throw 32
Frank Garcia The Hype Move or Switch 33
Frank Garcia Putting the "Ear" in or Putting the "Lug" in - The Bent or Crimped Corner
- The Bent Corner
- Still Another Method of "Putting The Ear In"
Jay Ose Another Jay Ose Tip treatment of cards for 3 Card Monte 47
Panama Joe The "One-Handed Toss" or the "Coup de Grace" Move 50
Frank Garcia A Move for the "Sucker" 52
Frank Garcia Three Different Ways of Bending the Cards 54
Frank Garcia Additional Effective Practice Exercises seven exercises and sequences 56
Frank Garcia "The Innocent Flip" 64
Frank Garcia Putting the "Gaffer" in card is marked, bent corner alternative 66
Milton Kort The Master "Bust Out Move" also known as The "Bass Ackward" Move piece of tissue paper is stuck on queen 69
Unknown The Postage Stamp Mystery stamp stuck on queen 73
Unknown "If You're Still Not Convinced" stamp stuck on queen 75
Unknown The Torn Corner duplicate corner 78
Charles Bertram It's So Old, It's New method is unbent card, one short 84
Trevor Lewis The Trevor Lewis Clean Exchange 86
Frank Garcia Perfect Mexican Turn Over 88
Bruce Elliott, Frank Garcia Clip Monte card marked with paper clip 89
Dai Vernon Optical Monte Move 90
Frank Garcia Epilogue 96
Frank Garcia 3 Veal Chop Monte 99
Frank Garcia Flimflam on 5th Avenue Flips Fuzz 101
Frank Garcia Piccadilly Ploy 103
Frank Garcia The Swindler's Glossary 111