Written by Gaëtan Bloom, Jeff Busby
Work of Gaëtan Bloom
26 pages (Stapled), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by James Hodges
Language: English
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Gaëtan Bloom Dedication
Jeff Busby Gaetan Bloom's Visible Monte intro, also "Escorial Monte"
Gaëtan Bloom The Basic Move featuring The Bloom Gimmick (two cards together with a strip that only open with special handling), one of two cards vanish when thrown together on table
Jeff Busby The Invention of the Bloom Gimmick credit information
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  • "The 1923 Card and Handkerchief Trick" (Charles Jordan)
Gaëtan Bloom Visible Monte - The Routine routine in which spectator cannot find money card, then there is no money card, then a double faced card, then Flash Vanish of money card
Jeff Busby Further Notes
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