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Matt Baker Fried and Seek spectator selects a pile and executes a dealing procedure into three piles until only one card remains (kind of Tantalizer Deal into three piles), performer divines the card, Sierpiński Principle
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Dream Trick" (Alex Elmsley 1997 Lecture, published 2016 by VanishingInc)
Juan Tamariz Setting the secret stack setting strategy for stay/power stack
Related to
  • "Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid" (Juan Tamariz, Magic from my Heart, DVD 1)
Matt Baker Equivoque one of three
Matt Baker Casablanca spectator names card, then removes a card an pockets it, performer as well, spectator has predicted performer's selection with previously named card and performer divines spectator's card
Also published here 9
Matt Baker Crowdsourced Prediction two spectators divide M&Ms freely among themselves, values are assigned according to previously handed out color chart, one spectator wins by a certain amount of points, this result was freely chosen by the spectators at the beginning
Inspired by 13
Matt Baker Groundhog Day card chosen from one half which is put in glass, Jokers placed reversed into second half in another glass, wrong cards appear between Jokers repeatedly, then Jokers travel to first half to sandwich selection
Inspired byRelated to 17
Matt Baker The Misfit Deck any card named, it is found by spectator, all other cards are shown to be duplicates of another card
Related to
  • "Out of Sight" (Joshua Jay, marketed)
Also published here
Bonus routines featuring Gabriel Werlen’s "Green Neck System"
Matt Baker Scripted Will presentation for Free Will
Inspired by
  • Deddy Corbusier’s "Free Will"
  • Gabriel Werlen’s "Green Neck System"
Matt Baker Mental Monte spectators select one of three cards over zoom, performer divines the selections
Inspired by
  • Gabriel Werlen’s "Green Neck System"
Matt Baker Mnemonics
  • The phonetic alphabet
  • Card key words
Matt Baker Memorizing a Stack
  • Numerical key words
  • Linking numerical key words and card key words
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