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Written by Kostya Kimlat
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Card Work
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Force cards are spread and one card touched and turned-over, force and double, with variations
  • Free Style
  • Forcing Thoughts
  • Break Style
  • Cull Style
  • Bottom Up Style
Also published here 5
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Reverse Larreverse type action, bottom card of face up double in center
Also published here 7
Kostya Kimlat Pocket Full of Methods on using different moves in different situations
Kostya Kimlat Pasteboard Experiments chapter intro
Kostya Kimlat Double Deal Turnover with Full Deck
Kostya Kimlat Double Deal Turnover with a Small Packet
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Kostya Kimlat Basic 3-Way Count quick three-way display usind double deal turnover
Related to 9
Kostya Kimlat 3-Way Count with Odd Card quick three-way display using double deal turnover and hiding back of one card
Kostya Kimlat One-Hand Alignment double deal turnover with small packet, pushing bottom card with left fingers
Kostya Kimlat Undercover 3-Way four as three
Related to 11
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Double Turnover slide under double
  • Brent Boyko's Undercover Midas Touch
Inspired by 12
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Switch single card face up is turned face down and switched in process, slide under double
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 13
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Convincers showing back of selected cards as red, blue deck with only one red card
Kostya Kimlat Replacement Move replacing bottom card from double held in right hand under packet or second card from full deck while snapping the corner
  • Packet Replacement, Face-Up
  • Packet Replacement, Face-Down
  • Full Deck Replacement
Kostya Kimlat Work to Play
Kostya Kimlat The Undercover Sequence three identical Aces turn into all backs and eventually into three selections
Kostya Kimlat References, Resources and Reflections
B.J. Bueno, Kostya Kimlat Streamlined Switch strip out switch of four cards
  • Face-down Switch
  • Face-up Switch
Related toVariations 20
B.J. Bueno, Kostya Kimlat Half and Half black Kings change places with red Kings, red Kings turn into selections
Jack Parker Direct Transformation four cards are touched in the face-up deck and removed, cards change into quartet, application of the Streamlined Switch
Aaron Shields, Derek Dingle Flash-Free NoLap Switch variation for second application of Dingle's NoLap Switch
Inspired by 23
Card Play
Kostya Kimlat Ambitious Ego signed card travels to the top then changes face and back color, odd backed card then changes to signed selection
Kostya Kimlat Zephyr Production four-of-a-kind production, using the Hofzinser Two Card-Catch
Kostya Kimlat A Trick for Descartes Evil Genius selection is signed and placed on the bottom of the deck, it ends up on top, signature is removed and replaced then backs of deck change color, selection's back changes to third color
Kostya Kimlat Hallucinogenic Gaze of Gala deck held face-up in right-hand end grip, top card change into selection and then back
Related to 35
Frank Kelly, Joseph Ovette Kelly Bottom Placement
One Hand Top Palm as a color change
Kostya Kimlat Solitary Confinement two selections one found in the deck other jumps to card case, when card from case is turned over it has changed to first selection
Also published here
  • Channel One Magazine, #11.
Matt Schulien, Edward Marlo Card to Card Case
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Rhapsody in Blue three blue backed Queens of Spade change into three signed cards earlier selected from a red deck
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Kostya Kimlat House Party, or Triumphing Cull-Ectors Triumph meets Collectors, story presentation, four Queens are produced in the middle of routine and Kings on table (Collectors) vanish from table
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve
Kostya Kimlat Straight-Edge Collectors
Kostya Kimlat Hardcore Straight-Edge Collectors
Kostya Kimlat Satan Monte story trick about playing with the devil. three blue backed cards change into selection then into Sixes, selection is found in card case with different back and with message written on it
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