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Written by Kostya Kimlat
Work of Kostya Kimlat
50 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
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Kostya Kimlat Some notes before the notes
Kostya Kimlat Orlando Opener two selections, one is produced and then turns into second selection
Kostya Kimlat Magic with Cards on performing card magic
Kostya Kimlat Just Jokering two cards are selected one of them is a Joker, other card is found and turns into the two selections
Kevin Beaty Four the Easy Way impromptu version of Tamariz' "All of a Kind"
matching the cards, three random cards are turned over in the deck and then mates of unseen selection are found reversed
Inspired byRelated to 10
Larry Jennings Larreverse brief
Kostya Kimlat, Brother John Hamman Your Signed Kung Pao Chicken presentation for Hamman's "Signed Card"
Inspired by 12
Kostya Kimlat Marriage a la Mode Anniversary Waltz variation
  • The Honeymoon
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Reverse Larreverse type action, bottom card of face up double in center
Also published here 14
Kostya Kimlat Undercover Force cards are spread and one card touched and turned-over, force, very brief
Also published here 14
Kostya Kimlat Flourishing Away: Combining Skill with Style on flourishes and magic
Kostya Kimlat Single-Double Thought two cards, one freely thought of, one ahead, using one deck and predictions in form of mates
Inspired by 18
Kostya Kimlat Burger King Card Trick
Kostya Kimlat A Ph. D. in Magic on magic
Kostya Kimlat Back Into the Nest - A Trick for Nuts, with Nuts, by a Nut peanut shell vanishes and only two peanuts remain, peanuts are eaten and appear back in hand and eventually back in shell
Kostya Kimlat Catch-## seven cards sorted to match prediction then they change into spectator's phone number
Kostya Kimlat Packet Switch
Paul Curry Swindle Switch
Kostya Kimlat Magic, itself
Kostya Kimlat License to Steal, to Amaze, to Refrigerator numbers and letters are selected, spectator realizes that they form license plat from card, then plate is produced as a kicker
Kostya Kimlat Cull-igula - The Hardcore Triumph with culling
Kostya Kimlat The Roadrunner Cull
Kostya Kimlat The Angle-Cull-Separation angle separation and spread cull combination
  • Separating Sets of Four of a Kind
  • Four Suit Separation
  • Beep Beep
Kostya Kimlat The Perfect Combination Revisited
Kostya Kimlat Schulien: Reloaded Schulien/Marlo card case load, with repetition
Also published here 43
Kostya Kimlat Pandora's Card Box three selections, one ends up under case, miniature box with miniature card of second selection found in case and third card ends up folded in miniature box
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