Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Edward Marlo

317 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer Acknowledgements
Jon Racherbaumer Foreword
Edward Marlo The Two-Second Side Steal squaring action without right hand leaving deck, optional immediate replacement 5
Edward Marlo The 380-Degree Tilt good Angles 11
Edward Marlo The Bomb Door Card face down, slowRelated to 14
Edward Marlo The Marnase Bottom Deal Inspired by 16
Edward Marlo Unit Movement for Erdnase Bottom Deal Related to 21
Edward Marlo The Hittop Change originally in Ibidem #22, Oct. 1960Related to 23
Edward Marlo For Crimp's Sake inner left corner 26
Edward Marlo The Money Card Inspired byRelated to 29
Edward Marlo Bite the Buillet Aces are found with the teeth (!)Related to
  • an effect in Linking Ring (described by Stephen Minch)
Edward Marlo Angle-Jogging Second-from-Bottom Card tabled riffle shuffle position 36
Edward Marlo Non-Saliva Vanish 40
Edward Marlo Throw Laydown 42
Edward Marlo Tabled Palm Preparation slight crimp in top card of tabled deck 43
Edward Marlo Delayed Slip Cut 43
Edward Marlo Tabled Flat Palm Production invisible card is apparently turned over 44
Edward Marlo Vernon Mental Force Handling 47
Edward Marlo Barroom Poker strange Follow the Leader Variation with aces, five phasesInspired by 50
Edward Marlo False Count Spell two unknown Cards are spelled to 60
Edward Marlo Unloading False Count cards counted one by one off deck, card unloaded back on deck, see also Marlo's Magazine 4 61
Edward Marlo Streamlined Discernment Idea one out of three, but apparently out of six, OOSOOMRelated to 65
Edward Marlo Double Underpeel Cut in the hands breakless double cut 67
Edward Marlo Olram Bottom Slip Cut tabled, multiple cards 69
Edward Marlo Combi-Null Cuts - First Combi-Null Cut
- Second Combi-Null Cut
Inspired by 73
Edward Marlo From the Mind of a Cardician Draw Shift VariationRelated to 78
Edward Marlo Marlo's Favorite Procedure Draw Shift handling with total cover 82
Edward Marlo Devilish Miracle Redux Variations 86
Edward Marlo Leipzig Would have Loved This! ungaffed, odd-backed, using Curry's Swindle SwitchVariations 95
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 98
Edward Marlo A Brief Description of the K.M. Move 101
Edward Marlo A Hull of a Trick Inspired by 102
Edward Marlo Less Cards Marlo no extra CardInspired by 108
Edward Marlo Future Classic Double-Cross duplicates are produced, see Regal Aces 114
Edward Marlo Reverse Count Fan with double 118
Edward Marlo A Tasty Bluff Sandwich Inspired by 122
Edward Marlo Bluff Ace-X-Ace cards trap Selection
- A More Spectacular Approach
- For the Skillfull
Related to 123
Unknown Bluff Fan Insertion apparently at different positions in fan 124
Edward Marlo Bluff Miracle Inspired by 126
Daryl Martinez Bluff Force Handling 128
Edward Marlo The Real, Honest-To-God Bluff Cut cards end up on Bottom, one-cut double cutRelated to 129
Edward Marlo Second-Hand Bluff Cut fake Centers 132
Edward Marlo Impossible? spectator pockets cardsInspired by
  • location by Dr. R. Moershall (Card Tricks for Cardicians, 1978)
Edward Marlo Locus-Pocus two Cards, four methods
- Locii Two
- Locii Two II
- Loci Two III
- Prediction Variation
Inspired by 139
Edward Marlo Nouveau 21-Card-Trick - The Work
- Third Phase
- Fourth Phase
- Fifth Phase
- Sixth Phase (Gag)
- Blow-Off Phase I
- Blow-Off Phase II
Related toVariations 146
Edward Marlo Blind Mentalism groups of cards are shown, then thought-of card named, faro, extension of Ibidem trick 154
Unknown Step Glimpse 155
Edward Marlo Tears Without Tears instant Reading 158
Edward Marlo Reading In Triplicate Spectator thinks of one of three, then the other two 164
Edward Marlo Small Packet Bottom Deal with loosening 168
Edward Marlo The 27-Card Trick: Streamlined 171
Edward Marlo 14-14-14 Prediction two added up values predicted, with amusing surprise 173
Edward Marlo Self-Locating Prediction indicator stabbed in deck, indicator card transforms/is into selection and cards on either side predicted 176
Edward Marlo Marlo Slip Cut in the hands 178
Unknown Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out 179
Edward Marlo New-Approach Propelled Lapping also as a switch 182
Edward Marlo The Curled Grip 185
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Grip 187
Edward Marlo Direct Lapping Move top cards 188
Edward Marlo The Lapped Ace Assembly 194
Edward Marlo Vanishing Aces Aces vanish out of the pack 196
Edward Marlo Screened Propelled Lapping 197
Edward Marlo Fake Propelled Lapping Card is apparently (!) lapped 201
Edward Marlo Rear Palm Approach description of the position 203
Edward Marlo Of Course I can deal a good Poker Hand! combo with control, false dealingRelated toVariations 206
Edward Marlo A Subtile Triumph not bad 211
Edward Marlo Turnover Move 212
Edward Marlo The Four Eightses Classic four cards change to Aces, duplicates, Kings, with selection in pocket 214
Edward Marlo The Warm-Up ribbon spread & turnover variations 220
Edward Marlo Clearly Oil and Water 4&4, two extra cards, four phases, spectator assists 223
Edward Marlo It's Only Us Chickens! sheep & thieves, using cases, multitude of throw offs for magicians 232
Edward Marlo About Facing Cull, Reverse Combo 238
Edward Marlo Subtile Fanover turning the deck over 241
Edward Marlo Dressed Up Reverse 243
Edward Marlo Jog Turnover book break 244
Edward Marlo Interlace Cut top and bottom card interlaced in straight cut 245
Edward Marlo Wrist Turn Palm Inspired by 248
Edward Marlo Turnover Palm top Card is shown, immediately palmedInspired by 251
Edward Marlo As an Exchange Turnover Palm SwitchRelated toAlso published here 254
Edward Marlo Future Classic Palm Related to 255
Edward Marlo The End Tap Pass cards are tapped on the table 260
Edward Marlo Topping Thompson's Pass cover ThompsonRelated to 265
Edward Marlo Convincing Convincer Related to 267
Edward Marlo The Roman Pick-up Control 270
Edward Marlo The L-C-M Control three cards, odd pack, straddle farosRelated to 272
Edward Marlo C-S Control to place the cards together at a known position with cuts, originally from Control Systems 273
Edward Marlo Natural Deck Switch lapping, also as partial switch of half deck
- Getting Rid of the Switch-Out Deck
Edward Marlo Fan Swap-Out to switch one from a 4 card fan 280
Edward Marlo Drop-off Switch one handed, lapping, tabled 283
Edward Marlo Switchout Sidelights Related to 286
Edward Marlo Olram's Open Prediction ungaffedRelated to 293
Edward Marlo The Un-Stapled Cards two faced Cards change place with 2 other faces cardsInspired by 296
Edward Marlo Latest Observation Test 301
Edward Marlo The Smug Departure two methods, one for magiciansVariations 308
Edward Marlo Tears Without Tears 2 instant Reading 312
Edward Marlo Face-up Poker Deals cards are dealt face up, face-up bottom deals, discrepancy 316