Written by Tom Stone
Work of Tom Stone
24 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Stone
Language: English
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Tom Stone The Test various symbols are on four cards, one thought of, performer divines it, Age Cards, reverse binary
  • Variation
  • Advanced version
  • Future explorations
Inspired by 1
Tom Stone Chairport as spectator is going to row of chairs to sit down, performer already displays a prediction which chair will be chosen
VariationsAlso published here 3
Tom Stone Almost Restored rope cut, safety pin appears and joins the rope together again
Also published here 4
George Sands The Sands End Switch with extra piece
Tom Stone Herbal Tear cigarette is broken in two which grow to full cigarettes
Tom Stone Sharp Fingers fingers cut rope
Also published here 10
Tom Stone Synonymax cards with pictures and words, selections are divined
Inspired byAlso published here 12
Tom Stone Coin Con Count three coins counted to table as four
Tom Stone Drop Restoration visual restoration, magnet
Also published here 19
Tom Stone Whip Restoration visual restoration
Also published here 20
Tom Stone Negative Spaces one Ace put in case, other Aces vanish one by one among Jokers, Aces then with other Ace in case
Inspired by 21
Paul Harris Snap Count audible, two as three
Also published here 23
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