Written by Tom Stone
Work of Tom Stone
40 pages (E-book), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Stone
Language: English
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Tom Stone, Tomas Blomberg Reality Glitch off-beat sandwich-transposition combo
Also published here 2
Tom Stone, Tomas Blomberg Gesture Transfer Switch one small spread held in each hand, during gesture some cards are secretly transferred from hand to hand
Also published here 2
Tom Stone Monty Walks Again four coins in coin box transpose with finger ring on string
Inspired byAlso published here 6
Box Turnover
Tom Stone The Collective Blink Signed Card handling, by-play with Joker that travels from table back into deck
Also published here 9
Tommy Wonder, Tom Stone Secret Pick-Up tabled card secretly transferred to deck
Also published here 10
Ken Krenzel, Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Plus
Sixten Beme Beme's Corner signed card torn into four pieces, one piece chosen and it changes back color
Splitting Cards
Tom Stone Freedom Cuts choreography for the selection & replacement procedure for Free Cut Principle
Also published here 16
Tom Stone Memorized Deck & Free Cut Principle some ideas
Also published here 17
Roy Walton Free Cut Principle Handling choreography for the selection & replacement procedure for Free Cut Principle, see last paragraph
Also published here 17
Tom Stone The Stealth Reverse combination of Convincing Control und KM Move, card remains apparently out-jogged
Also published here 18
Tom Stone Karate Kid Card Catch catching card out of dribbled half with Forton Pop-Out Move
Max Milton The Direct Steal top card of bottom half is stolen as top half is replaced
Tom Stone Quick application two selections, first found and put reversed in deck, then same selection produced from pocket and reversed card is now second selection
Jonas Ljung Kismet Poker five poker hands dealt, performer wins and hand is predicted
Also published here 24
Tom Stone Silver & Sorcery routine for and thoughts on John Ramsay's "Cylinder and Coins"
Also published here 27
Bob Chesbro, Tom Stone Thumb Tip Coin Vanish
Inspired byAlso published here 29
Tom Stone Crossing The Gaze Multiple Coin Vanish one by one
Also published here 32
Tom Stone Stack Transfer as visible coin is transferred to other hand
Also published here 33
Geoffrey Latta Nowhere Palm finger palm to third finger curl palm, multiple coins
Also published here 34
Tom Stone Dump Vanish to ditch multiple coins silently
Also published here 36
Tom Stone Okito Osmosis coin penetrates bottom of box
Axel Adlercreutz Time to Dice dice shown from all sides while reciting the numbers from one to six, one travels from hand to hand
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