Written by Josh Janousky
Work of Josh Janousky
34 pages (Stapled), published by JustJoshinMagic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Josh Janousky Introduction
Josh Janousky Royal Twist Aces turn over, transformation to Royal Flush as climax
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Josh Janousky The Alchemist silver ring changes into gold ring in flash of fire, updated handling
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Josh Janousky Billuminati magician can divine which Federal Reserve printed the bill despite bill being folded up
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  • Diamond Jim Tyler's Bamboozler Vol. 2
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Josh Janousky LexIcon app icons on smartphone spell name of chosen card, stop force with phone placed onto tabled pile during dealing process
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  • The Linking Ring, Jan. 2015
Josh Janousky Frost borrowed credit card penetrates bill
Inspired by 17
Josh Janousky Band Thru Thumb rubber band through performer's thumb
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Josh Janousky Jumping Jack Flash red and black Jacks transpose, then colors separate in 2&2 oil & water sequence, then transposition again
Josh Janousky Fly
Josh Janousky, Charlie Justice Fingertip Deshell shell temporarily sticks to thumb via pressure
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  • "Fingertip Deshell" (Charlie Justice, Covert Coins DVD)
Josh Janousky Revise switching one card folded into quarters for another
Josh Janousky IG latest instagram post of performer predicts playing card as well as name and clothing of spectator
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