Written by Walt Lees
Work of Mike Bornstein
56 pages (Stapled), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings by Eric Mason
Language: English
18 entries
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Mike Bornstein Introduction
Mike Bornstein Topsy Turvy Aces deck shuffled face up into face down, Aces appear one by one on the face, triumph as climax
Mike Bornstein M.B. Shift bottom block transfer, deck on edge, push through shuffle
Mike Bornstein Topsy Turvy Aces Kicker Topsy-Turvey Aces, Aces change into Kings as kicker
Top Change four cards
Mike Bornstein Four Ace Control finding four Aces in process
Mike Bornstein Two Card Reverse two selections, cards shuffled face up into face down, deck is cut and selections end up as only reversed card in each pile
Related to 22
Mike Bornstein Sandwich Triumph sandwich cards end up reversed with selection in between, after triumph
Variations 24
Mike Bornstein Cherchez La Femme Triumph collectors meets triumph, using four Aces and four Queens
Mike Bornstein Lalapalooza Aces Aces lost in one pile and four selections in second pile, piles shuffled face up into face down, all cards end up face down except four pairs each consisting of an Ace and a selection
Mike Bornstein Four Pile Triumph deck shuffled face up into face down, cut into four piles and Aces appear on the bottom of each pile, triumph ending
Mike Bornstein Color Poker Triumph deck shuffled face up into face down, Royal Flush is produced which then turns out to be with different colored backs, triumph ending
Mike Bornstein Paint Brush Poker deck shuffled face up into face down, Royal Flush is produced, triumph ending
Mike Bornstein Paint Brush Production deck brushed on map / table and card appears
Mike Bornstein One Hand Multiple Card Palm squeezing deck and separating cards with first finger, similiar to Rene Lavand's palm
Mike Bornstein M.B. Card Production from top of the hand, variation to Cliff Green /Tenkai's method
Inspired by 44
Mike Bornstein Your Favorite Ace four coins travel from box to under four cards
Mike Bornstein The M.B. Vanishing Deck with card case shell
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