Written by Helge Thun
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Language: German
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Helge Thun Vorwort
Helge Thun Die Unterschriften principle of obtaining duplicate signed card when having a four-of-a-kind signed
Also published here 9
Helge Thun Königsparade named King is reversed in packet with four Kings and has X on back
Also published here 12
Helge Thun Freie Wahl two black Kings, one suit is forced
Also published here 14
Mexican Turnover in-the-hands, one card divided
Also published here 16
Helge Thun AngeEckt signed card is torn and pieces vanish minus one corner, restored card found reversed in deck, repeat with full restoration
Inspired by
  • "Torn and Restored Card" (Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, 1975)
Also published here
Paul LePaul Missing-Corner Pop Out deck riffled and card pops out
Helge Thun Um die Ecke gebracht extension of previous routine in which card travels to an impossible location
Also published here 23
Helge Thun Lückenbüßer visual restoration of the final corner after a torn & restored effect with visible signature, on the deck, hinged corner gaff
Also published here 24
Helge Thun Das Tuch des Todes four signed Kings lost in deck, the are found again with the help of a handkerchief, with management of divided cards for subsequent routines
  • Erste Kartenproduktion (card rises from handkerchief-covered deck and floats up)
  • Zweite Kartenproduktion (card through handkerchief with cased deck)
  • Dritte Kartenproduktion (cased deck put in handkerchief, spectator reaches in and locates card)
  • Vierte Kartenproduktion (card appears on face of deck in glass with handkerchief cover)
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change in glass while covored with handkerchief
Helge Thun Thuns Todes-Tuch Text rhyming patter for previous routine
Helge Thun Karte in Streichholzschachtel - 3 Lademethoden three loading methods for folded signed card in match box
  • Lademethode 1 (im Jackett)
  • Lademethode 2 (Impromptu)
  • Lademethode 3
Also published here 49
Helge Thun Action Fan Palm card is palmed while closing the fan
Also published here 55
Helge Thun Bent Cop Transfer from classic palm to bent cop and back
Inspired by 57
Helge Thun Thuns Tenkai Taschen Taktik one-handed transfer of classic palmed card to Tenkai Palm, then production choreography from inside pocket
Helge Thun Duplikat Travellers travelers in which deck travels to pocket, another card appears folded in matchbox and one in another deck that a spectator has been holding from the start
Diagonal Insertion multiple cards at different positions
Guy Hollingworth All-Around Square-Up Palm multiple cards at different positions
Also published here 72
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm
Helge Thun Verschachtelt four signed Kings travel folded into matchbox one by one, then matchbox vanishes with a signed King and both reappear inside card case that spectator holds since the beginning
Christian Scherer, Helge Thun Explosive Production Handling flashy production of card with string of flash material that is attached to deck and burned, followed by cap bomb gag
Inspired by
  • "Explosiv" (Christian Scherer, DVD Kartenmagie 1)
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