Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Joel Givens
277 pages (Paperback), published by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
51 entries
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Joshua Jay 5:48 whole book written in story form as if witnessing a session between Joel Givens and Joshua Jay
Joel Givens Sweet Straw stirrer straw produced from sugar packet, then shrinks to fit back in
Also published here 9
Joel Givens Peek clean spectator's peek, see p. 203 for method
Joel Givens Cup o' Joel performer mimes putting cream in coffee, cream really appears in coffee and and creamer is still sealed
Also published here 17
Joel Givens Laser Aces cutting the Aces, pack then revealed to be four solid blocks with Aces at the face of each
Inspired byVariations 22
Joel Givens Sidejogged Hop perpendicular
Also published here 24
John Carney Versa Switch
Joel Givens Silly Psychic impromptu book test, silly putty
Joel Givens Matches All Gone matches vanish from match book and travel into wrapped straw
Also published here 42
Joel Givens Kicking Aces four Ace production, at once
Also published here 48
Joel Givens Sponge Aces two-card pair transposes with four Aces, in the hands of two spectators, see p. 48 for performance
Also published here 52
Larry Jennings Insertion Addition
Joel Givens Givens on Hofzinser Hofzinser Problem at the end the whole suit of the selection is produced from a pocket, see p. 49 for performance
Joel Givens Brain Cleaner entire Q-tip is pushed into ear and pulled out again
Also published here 73
Joel Givens Identification Cards multiple keys, multiple card location
Also published here 77
Joel Givens Table Timing Spread Out gag, finger moves to different part of the spread
Joel Givens Spread Production tabled spread scooped up quickly, selection is left on table
Joel Givens Ninja Coin finger is pushed through half dollar
Also published here 86
Joel Givens Across Coins four coins one by one, with backfire, see p. 84 for performance
Also published here 96
Tenkai Ishida Pointing Transfer
Dave's Proposition vacuum bar bet, sucking water into glass with burning match
Joel Givens Tubular Bills bill travels to a straw, missing corner, bill transforms into wrapper
Also published here 106
Joel Givens More Memory Man full deck apparantly memorized, position of selection named as well as some other cards and four-of-a-kind produced
Inspired byVariations 112
Gary Plants Key Card Placement in-the-hands spread
Also published here
  • Precursor, Sep. 1992
Pointing Glimpse top card of one half while pointing to the other
John Bannon Bluff Strangers' Gallery Production
Joel Givens Heckler Stopper spectator apparently claims that found card is wrong while everyone else believes differently
Joel Givens Monte 101 "double bend" finale, see p. 127 for performance
Dai Vernon Optical Move
Ken Krenzel Monte Plus Plus out-jogged handling
Also published here 145
Joel Givens It's a Tie three cards are found, last one appears under tie clasp, see p. 128 for performance
Also published here 145
Joel Givens The Magidoodle name of chosen card is predicted on magnadoodle, see p. 132 for performance
Joel Givens Human Slot Machine slot machine routine, with pen and rubber-banded stack, see p. 159 for performance
Also published here 164
Joel Givens Easy Time borrowed ring vanishes and appears on performer's watch band, see p. 160 for performance
Inspired byAlso published here 172
Joel Givens Slop Machine in-the-hands slop shuffle Triumph with inversion, see p. 160 for performance
Also published here 178
Joel Givens Hungry Cannibals ends by biting out a corner of the whole deck, see p. 161 for performance
Inspired by 187
Joel Givens Collectors for Collectors see p. 160 for performance
Also published here 194
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Allan Ackerman Card Pass brief
Also published here 195
Packet Unload from deck onto tabled cards
Joel Givens Backstage Pass cards spread with faces outwards
Also published here 206
Joel Givens Rubbed Away rub-a-dub variation
Inspired by 212
Joel Givens Hover deck floats above the hand, impromptu
Also published here 217
Joel Givens Whitewashed finding four Nines, rest of cards are blank
Also published here 224
Joel Givens Lean Time deck stands upright on palm
Also published here 227
Joel Givens Bottom Deal Crimp crimping the dealt card
Joel Givens Uncrossed Cross Cut finessed handling
Joel Givens New Way Pop selection appears reversed when deck is riffle shuffled in the hands
Also published here 236
Joel Givens EZ Color Change in-jogged card changes
Variations 240
Joel Givens EZ Change Aces four cards out-jogged from various parts change into Aces
Joel Givens Quadruple Open Prediction four stopped-at cards match predictions, posed as a problem
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