Written by Joe Givan
Work of Joe Givan
29 pages (Spiralbound), published by Miracles Productions
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Joe Givan Introduction
Joe Givan Day of the Jack-less four metal jacks are produced from four Jack playing cards, the jacks and a small ball vanish (topit)
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Joe Givan Voodoo Putty name of spectator written on bill, transferred to silly putty, putty is stretched and stamped name stretches as well, when bill is unfolded the name is seen stretched
Joe Givan The Crazy Couch Cushion coin travel under piece of cloth one by one, then flat cat toy appears as final load (or jumbo coin), tuning fork as wand
Inspired by 7
Joe Givan Inertia Loading Move coin under hand dragged under object with inertia
Joe Givan Black Holes Through-and-Through three glasses on top of each other with cards in between, three coins thrown in top glass, they penetrate so there's one in each glass
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Joe Givan Clear the Ear q-tip is pushed into one ear and pulled out the other
Joe Givan Show-In folded card in shoe, dummy on a string in shoe
Joe Givan The Mississippi Switch Gypsy Curse handling
Inspired by 21
Joe Givan Suspendabill lengthwise folded bill balanced on two salt and pepper shakers, one pulled away and bill remains suspended
Joe Givan A Bloody Good Point hand drawn on paper is pinched by a needle, performer receives pain at same places and also blood stains
Inspired by 25
Joe Givan Billet Switch on Needle with second needle
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