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Illustrated with drawings
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Oscar Weigle Introduction
Paul Curry Foreword
Paul Curry I.O.U. dime is wrapped with paper and in a flash the paper vanishes, coin transforms to a penny, under the penny is a little circle of paper "IOU 9 ct"
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Paul Curry Think of a Card spectator cuts thought-of card to face of stacked deck and then loses it
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Paul Curry Next! the selected card is found next to a card with the message "Your card will be next"
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Henry Christ Christ Force
Paul Curry Follow Me two decks, two cards match after Henry Christ cutting procedure
Also published here 7
Paul Curry Turn of the Century Location setting short double backer as key card, out-of-hand selection procedure
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Paul Curry Force & Vanish with Henry Christ Force double facer
Also published here 8
Paul Curry Smoke Signals card and word written on billets, then burnt and divined
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Paul Curry Potpourri card vanishes from deck and is found in card case
Inspired by 10
Paul Curry Blackout deck is handed to two spectators in the dark who select cards, performer finds mates
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Paul Curry Double Prediction card is selected turned over and behind spectator's back, pushed into the deck, both cards are predicted
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Paul Curry Padding add-a-number coincidence
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Paul Curry Mates spectator shuffles deck and takes card from face-down ribbon spread and gives it to spectator, performer also takes a card from spread, they are mates
Paul Curry Switch under Coat behind back
Paul Curry Pay-Off bill folded and put in envelope, serial number is divined
Also published here 17
Paul Curry Pressto blue backed card is selected, deck put on a red deck and pressed, selection is found in the middle of the red backed cards, second time spectator presses
Also published here 19
Under-the-Spread Force with odd-backed card, bottom card
Also published here 19
Paul Curry Odd! card chosen and spectator draws design on its face, performer locates it behind his back and also the divines the design
Paul Curry Clink! coin picked up from bunch of coins which are pocketed again, it vanishes, when invisible coin is thrown against pocket a clink sound is heard
Paul Curry Face to Face faced deck straightens out, repeat
Paul Curry Turnover Half Pass as deck is turned over
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Paul Curry Bottom Palm
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Paul Curry Two Card Routine
  • Effect No. 1: Joker and Ace of Spades change places
  • Effect No. 2: Joker on top, Ace on the bottom vanish and are found together in the center
  • Effect No. 3: Joker and ace pushed in the deck, travel to top and bottom
  • Effect No. 4: two numbers are called, counted and the cards found at those positions are Joker and Ace
  • Effect No. 5: Joker and Ace reverse in the deck
  • Effect No. 6: spectator reverses one card behind his back, it is the Joker
  • Effect No. 7: two selections are put face up into the deck, next to them the Joker and the Ace are found
  • Effect No. 8: selections transform into Joker and Ace
  • Effect No. 9: two cards clipped by four paper clips are removed from the pocket, Joker and Ace
Also published here 27
Paul Curry The Turn-Over Change
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