Written by Nick Trost
Work of Nick Trost
276 pages (Hardcover), published by H&R Magic Books
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn
Language: English
134 entries
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Martin Gardner Foreword
Nick Trost Introduction to Volume 3
23 - Further Coincidences
Nick Trost Four-Way Match-Up four prediction cards tabled in row, four cards eventually selected, they match
Cut-Deeper Force
Al Thatcher, George Kirkendall J. Stewart Smith's "Mighty Moments" four prediction cards tabled, spectator stops dealing, then deals into four piles, top cards match the predictions
Inspired by
  • "Mighty Moments" (J. Stewart Smith, The Weird Influence, 1966)
Nick Trost The Sevens spectators select four cards by taking and dealing, they are all Sevens, followed by slop shuffle triumph with Sevens reversed at the end
Inspired by 579
Slop Shuffle
Nick Trost Birth Date and Lucky Number Effect lucky number prediction, and year of birth revealed with four chosen cards
Nick Trost It's a Date Poker Player's Picnic type procedure reveals year of birth
Nick Trost Three Matched Pairs spectator selects only three pairs of mates
  • ESP Card Version
Inspired by 586
Nick Trost Black Jack Coincidence backwards count from ten to named number, same number used to count to selection, repeated, chosen cards are the two black Jacks, rest of cards are red, using Terry LaGerould's Countdown Force
Inspired by 588
Nick Trost The Magic Phone Number Trick I spectator's phone number appears, using Terry LaGerould's Countdown Force
Inspired by 589
Nick Trost The Magic Phone Number Trick II spectator's phone number appears, using Terry LaGerould's Countdown Force
Nick Trost Suits of Sympathy ungaffed, Paul Curry's Swindle Switch
Nick Trost Total Card-Matching Routine
  • Phase One - Miracle Do As I Do
  • Phase Two - The Power ofThought
  • Phase Three - Swindle Switch
Inspired by 596
24 - You Do As I Do
Nick Trost Spectator's Double Match two cards cut to in two halves, they're mates
Inspired by 603
Nick Trost Do As I Do With Two Cards magician and spectator each exchange some cards from half the deck which are replaced reversed in the other half, they turn out to be four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 605
Nick Trost Three-Way Do As I Do deck separated in Spades/Hearts and Clubs/Diamonds, spectator and performer remember a card in one half, halves exchanged, cards and mates found
Inspired by 606
Nick Trost Brother Hamman's "Triple Match" Revisited three cards selected by performer and spectator match with half deck each
Inspired by 608
Nick Trost My Triple Match three cards selected by performer and spectator match
Inspired by 610
Nick Trost Repeat Do As I Do spectator and performer each shuffle half the deck and exchange top card, they match repeatedly, four-of-a-kind finale
Inspired by 612
Nick Trost Quadruple Do As I Do three cards selected by performer and spectator match, Aces finale
Inspired by 614
Nick Trost Dr. Jaks with a Colorful Finish I cards are exchanged and replaced reversed and found to be the four Twos, deck separation kicker
Inspired byVariations 617
Nick Trost Dr. Jaks with a Colorful Finish II cards are exchanged and replaced reversed and found to be the four Twos, deck separation kicker
Inspired by 618
Nick Trost 25 - The Royal Marriages credit information
Nick Trost Love Has Great Power Queens and Kings are matched with addition of two Jacks and spelling in the packet
Inspired by
  • "The Power of Love" (Peter Marucci, The Linking Ring, Aug. 2001)
Nick Trost The Royal Pairs Queens and Kings are matched with help of a Jack
Nick Trost Repeat Royal Marriages two phases
Inspired by
  • Peter Duffie handling (phase one)
Nick Trost Royal Mates
  • Second Handling
  • Third Handling
Inspired byRelated to 627
Nick Trost The Royal Treatment simplified, with Joker
Inspired by 629
Nick Trost King-Queen Gemini marriage in deck
Inspired by 632
Nick Trost King-Queen Gemini with Four Cupids marriage in deck
Inspired by
  • "Bi-Geminy!" (Hartman, Trickery Treats, 1999)
Nick Trost Four-Way Royal Gemini marriage in deck
  • Second Handling
Nick Trost Royal Barrage spectator cuts and counts to the Aces procedure for marriage
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Feb. 1973
Nick Trost Royal Marriages Routine three phases
Inspired by 639
26 - Further Gambling Tricks
Nick Trost Gil's Game Revisited spectator cannot win in red-black game in which he has to select pairs of one color
  • Another Presentation
Inspired by 645
Nick Trost Omega Blackjack Aces inserted into table spread to locate good Blackjack hands with Omega Bet Principle
Inspired by 649
Nick Trost Vis-à-vis Blackjack deck shuffled face-up/face-down, pairs dealt to performer and spectator except pairs with same orientation which are discarded, performer wins, "new form of the Gilbreath principle"
Nick Trost Off to the Races
Inspired by
  • Walt Rollins's race routine from 1966 lecture in Buffalo
Nick Trost Gilbreath at the Races
Inspired by 655
Nick Trost Gilbreath at the Races Again
Nick Trost Bango Deal game in which each player has three face-up cards, cards turned face up from the rest of the deck, matching values are turned face down by the players, player with all cards face down first wins, performer always wins
Nick Trost Put and Take Deal game in which the players can take and put their chips in the pot according to whether values in their hands match turned-up cards from the deck, performer wins
Nick Trost Producing Poker, Blackjack and Gin Hands deck riffle shuffled by spectator, performer takes deck under the table and takes out good hands
Inspired by
  • "Any Card Called For Hanky" (U. F. Grant, D. Robbins & Company's magazine Magic Is Fun, No. 7, Oct.-Dec. 1947)
Nick Trost Four-Game Challenge two decks riffle shuffled by spectator, performer takes decks under the table and takes out good hands for different games
Inspired by 667
27 - More Poker Deals
Nick Trost Poker Deal with a Breather four times the spectator and magician cut the deck in turn and remove the top card, performer ends up with four Aces
Inspired byRelated to 673
Nick Trost Spectator Deals Any Hand Called For spectator stops anytime, then deals cards into five piles, top cards form previously named type of poker hand, re-deal force and Zens stack
Nick Trost The Zens Poker Deal, Redealt double-deal stacking
Inspired by 676
Nick Trost Ten-Card Repeat And Any Hand Called For automatic gambler deal, then Zens stack
Inspired by 678
Nick Trost The Automatic Gambler
Inspired byAlso published here 680
Nick Trost World Series Poker - Updated disguised ten-card poker deal for four players with twenty cards
Inspired by 681
Nick Trost Australian Poker gambling demo with packet of sixteen cards removed from the deck, story, credit information
Inspired by 684
Nick Trost Seven-Card Stud Using High Cards using only twenty-one cards
Nick Trost High-Card Poker Deal, Revised poker deal from packet of high cards, spectators receive Ace-high straights, performer gets winning four of a kind, uses Gilbreath principle
Inspired by 689
Steve Forte Paint Poker "Steve Forte's Routine"
poker deal from packet of high cards, spectators receive Ace-high straights, performer gets winning four of a kind, uses Gilbreath principle
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Sal Piacente's DVD Expert Magic Lecture Notes, Volume 2 (2004)
Nick Trost The Luck of the Draw card reversed in packet of twenty-five cards, packet is "mixed" and dealt into five poker hands - hand with reversed card contains four of a kind and wins
Inspired byRelated to 694
Nick Trost Diminishing Poker Deal progressive poker deal with ten card poker deal finale
Inspired by 695
Nick Trost Shuffle Tracking twenty-five-card deck can be dealt in as many piles as often as spectators want, yet performer receives royal flush, two-phase routine
Inspired by 697
Nick Trost Gambler's Poker Routine
  • Phase One - Eighteen-Card Poker (uses concept of a morphing Jonah card that changes every phase, three phases)
  • Phase Two - Belchou's Ace Trick (poker player's picnic type Kings location, open Bottom Deal demo followed by Aces deal)
  • Phase Three - The Surprised Gambler (re-deal)
Inspired by
  • Gambler's Luck (Lewis Ganson, 1950)
  • Tony Griffith's "A Demonstration of How to Win at Poker" (Griff on Cards, 1964)
  • Bob Lynn's "The Gambler Routine" (The Mad Mad Mad World of Bob Lynn, 1968)
Related toAlso published here
Nick Trost Challenge Poker Deal six-handed draw poker game dealt, some draw cards, performer wins
Also published here
  • published manuscript in 1964 by H. P. Wisehart
Nick Trost 28 - Revealments
Nick Trost Significator Cards spectator cuts off a pile, remembers the bottom card and shuffles the pile reversed in the rest, four random cards are used to divine the selection
Also published here 709
Al Thatcher Al Thatcher's "Affinity Cards" two cards at two different chosen numbers are remembered, performer makes adjustment behind back, cards at original numbers removed and used to locate selections via Gemini Twins placement
Inspired by
  • "A Series of Mistakes" (Cliff Lesta and U. F. Grant, marketed 1936)
Al Thatcher To Each His Own two cards at two different chosen numbers are remembered, performer makes adjustment behind back, cards at original numbers removed and used to locate selections via Gemini Twins placement
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Precursor, No. XCI, June 2004
Nick Trost Four and One Trick four red and one black cards change into one black and four red ones, the black one being the selection
Inspired by
  • handling in Hocus Pocus Parade in The Linking Ring, July 1957
Nick Trost Gilbreath Meets The Spectator-Magician spectator chooses two cards after a riffle shuffle by dealing into one pile, then re-dealing into two piles, and taking the value and suit of top cards
Inspired by 715
Nick Trost Hummer's Paradox spectator's cards is only reversed one after tapestry folding
  • Finding the Aces (variation with only Aces reversed at the end)
Inspired by 717
Nick Trost Double CATO Revelation two cards chosen from twenty-card packet, cato, performer arranges cards under the table so all face-up cards are red except selection and vice versa
  • Another Version (tapestry)
Nick Trost An Equalizer Revealment packets made that are shuffled face-up/face-down, in the end all red cards are face-up with black selection and vice versa
Inspired by 723
Nick Trost Trost on Ben Harris' Red-Black Trick pairs are deal after one riffle shuffle, top cards turned over, two selection end up being the only odd-colored cards among the face-up respectively face-down cards
Inspired by 725
Lew R. Brooks Lead-In Trick one of several pairs selected, later found, red/black alternating set-up
Also published here 727
Warren Wiersbe, Bob Hummer Follow-Up Trick packet shuffled face-up face-down, then statement over condition made and colors separated
Also published here 728
29 - Reversed Card Effects
Nick Trost Quick Vanishing Card card vanishes from small packet, Gardner like
Also published here 731
Nick Trost "Baby Hummer," Simplified four Kings are mixed face-up/face-down under table by spectator, performer divines only reversed card
Inspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, The Linking Ring, Dec., 1967)
Related to
Nick Trost Triumph with the Equalizer Shuffle ordered suit reversed & distributed as finale
Inspired by 734
Norman Houghton Norman Houghton's "Selective Control" King and Queen pushed sideways through deck, King turns over
Inspired by 735
30 - Further Transpositions
Nick Trost A Prelude to Oil and Water 3&3, kind of progressive separation
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Jan. 1977
Nick Trost Simple Oil and Water 4&4, with open switching procedure à la Walton
Inspired by 742
Nick Trost Oil and Aces 4&4
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The New Tops, July 1978
Nick Trost Oil an Queens Poker Hand Royal Flush transformation kicker
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The New Tops, April 1992
Nick Trost Fourteen-Card Oil and Water 7&7, one phase
Also published here
  • "Quick Oil and Water", The New Tops, June 1983
Nick Trost Fourteen-Card Follow the Leader
Also published here
  • Nicks Quartet, Nick Trost, 1965)
Nick Trost Follow the Leader History credit information, Martin Chapender
Nick Trost Simple Follow the Leader eighteen cards
Nick Trost A Red-Black Mystery
  • Phase One (4&4, red and black cards transpose, then mix)
  • Phase Two (A Switch in Time)
Inspired by 752
Nick Trost Rouge et Noir Routine selection is only red card in eight-card packet, then changes to four reds and four blacks, follow the leader and A Switch in Time
Inspired by 755
31 - Special Decks - Part 2
Nick Trost Oscar
Nick Trost Zenith Card Prediction card selected from blue deck, it matches a single marked card in red-backed deck, 1-0-1 Koran deck
Inspired by
  • "Pentell" (Geoff Maltby, sold by Repro 71 of London ca. 1977)
Also published here
  • marketed 1983
Nick Trost Rainbow Miracle two cards selected by both spectator and performer from rainbow deck, Gemini Twins placement, backs and faces match, they are also the only red-faced cards
Inspired by
  • "Yenta Outfiddled" (Mel Stover, Precursor, No. IV, April 1984)
VariationsAlso published here
  • marketed 1984
Hank Moorehouse Hank Moorehouse's Presentation patter for previous routine
Inspired by 768
Rich Bloch Rich Bloch's Routine two cards selected by both spectator and performer from rainbow deck, Gemini Twins placement, backs and faces match, they are also the only red-faced cards
Inspired byAlso published here
  • These Are a Few ofMy Favorite Things, Rich Bloch, 1987
Nick Trost Super Split four half cards selected from deck that has been cut in half, matches divided prediction, transposition follow-up
Inspired byAlso published here
  • marketed 1982
32 - Packet Tricks - Part 3
Nick Trost Mini-Maze card chosen from packet of miniature cards does not match prediction, but backs match, then faces suddenly as well
Inspired by
  • "The Deck of Many Colors" (Dan Witkowski, marketed 1975)
Also published here
  • marketed 1976
U. F. Grant Switch with Envelope here with miniature card
Also published here
  • switch in "One Chance in Five" (U. F. Grant, marketed ca. 1959)
Nick Trost Quadraplex tapestry with jumbo cards cut into quarters, face-up quarters that remain match a prediction which has also one mis-fitted corner
  • No-Setup Method
Inspired by
  • routine on Japanese video "Card and Coin Magic" (Shigeo Takagi, 1989)
Nick Trost Jokers to Aces twisting routine with Jokers, they change into Aces as climax of which fronts and backs are shown
Inspired by
  • "NFW!" (Gary Freed, marketed 1999)
Nick Trost 1-2-3-4 Trick Maxi-Twist with number cards
Also published here
  • marketed 1986
Nick Trost Wild Deuce four packets made, top card of one is chosen, it is a Two and matches a sandwiched prediction card, other three top cards are also Twos
Inspired by
  • manuscript "Las Vegas Odds" (U. F. Grant, 1973)
Also published here
  • marketed 1974
Nick Trost The Deuce You Say! named Two is reversed and odd-backed in packet of Twos
Inspired by
  • "King's Choice" (Marconick, marketed ca. 1974)
Also published here
  • marketed 1974
Nick Trost, Stewart Judah Think of an Ace named Ace is shown reversed, divided face/back cards
Inspired by
  • "Think Ace" (Ed Marlo, The Linking Ring, Sep. 1963)
Also published here
  • marketed 1965
Nick Trost Dealer's Choice six blank cards are printed into pairs of blackjack hands
VariationsAlso published here
  • marketed 1975
Shigeo Takagi Takagi Turnover Count
Al Thatcher Al Thatcher's Version six blank cards are printed into pairs of blackjack hands
Inspired by 804
Nick Trost Fly Circus packet trick with fly images on the cards including specks and a smashed fly
Also published here
  • marketed in 1981
33 - ESP Cards - Part 3
Nick Trost ESP Color Scheme ESP cards mixed face up/down, spectator separates waves from stars
Inspired by 813
Nick Trost Five-Way Coincidence I five matching symbols
Nick Trost Five-Way Coincidence II spectator makes four piles from ESP deck, top cards match prediction
Inspired by
  • "4-Some" (Peter Duffie, Cardeceits, 2003)
Nick Trost Five-Way Coincidence III spectator cuts the deck a few times, five matching symbols produced
Inspired by 817
Nick Trost Five-Way Coincidence IV some cutting and dealing with ESP deck, five matching symbols show up
  • A Variation
Nick Trost ESP Prediction Supreme three cards chosen with ten-twenty force match
Inspired by
  • "Prediction Supreme" (Al Koran, The Magic Wand No. 211, Oct. 1946)
Billy O'Connor Ten-Twenty Force
Also published here
  • The Magic Wand, June-Sep. 1935, "After the Four Ace Trick"
Nick Trost Ouija Miracle spectator and performer select three ESP cards each, they match
Also published here
  • "ESP Triple Coincidence", The New Tops, June 1978
Nick Trost Metaphysics Updated performer divines two thought-of ESP symbols by finding matching symbols
Inspired by 824
Nick Trost Three Odd Couples ten ESP card pairs are on table, spectator chooses three, they contain matching cards while the others are mixed pairs
Nick Trost Dowsing By Design card selected and placed aside, twelve pairs made, two pairs added to selection, the five cards match
Inspired by 828
Roy Walton 25-Card Shuffle cards dealt into two, three, four or six piles
Nick Trost Triple Psychometry three ESP cards chosen in complicated way are divined, then matching sequence
Inspired byRelated to 830
Nick Trost Die-abolical Prophecy card chosen by stacking three dice is predicted, range force
Nick Trost Trost on Bob Mason's "Ultra-Die Prophecy" three dice thrown and total counted to in ESP deck, card matches prediction
Inspired by
  • Bob Mason's "Ultra-Die Prophecy", marketed 1974
Nick Trost ESP Triple Coincidence two ESP decks, three cards exchanged
Inspired by 837
Nick Trost 34 - Computer Cards credit information on computer cards and sorting systems in general
  • Making the cards
  • Handling the cards
Nick Trost Judah's Computer Cards simplified handling for Judah's "Computing Any Value Named"
Also published here 843
Nick Trost Computing Four Mentally Selected Cards sixteen punched cards, four spectators think of one from a group of four each, found with sorting rod
Also published here 845
Nick Trost Computer Card Spelling three spectators think of a card from a set of punched computer cards, found by spelling
Inspired by
  • Mike Zerance's spelling trick "Zerancism"
Nick Trost Computer Card Poker deck of thirty-two punched computer cards and sorting rod used for poker deal
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