Written by Eugene Burger
Work of Eugene Burger
90 pages (Stapled), published by Philip R. Willmarth
Illustrated with drawings by Marshall Philyaw
Language: English
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Eugene Burger For Max Maven
Philip Reed Willmarth Foreword
Also published here 7
Eugene Burger Chapter One: What's In A Name?
Also published here 9
Eugene Burger Chapter Two: Creating Interest
Also published here 17
Eugene Burger The Card Cheat two cards put in center are produced with two-card throw
Also published here 27
Two-Card Throw
Eugene Burger An Old Carnival Game heads or tails presentation for glass through table
Also published here 31
Eugene Burger A Voodoo Ritual presentation for ashes in the hand
Also published here 40
Eugene Burger The Spectator is the Star
Also published here 48
Eugene Burger Second-Hand Smoke cigarette up the nose
VariationsAlso published here 51
Eugene Burger Chapter Three: A Game of Wits
Also published here 54
Eugene Burger Spelling Stunner spectator cuts and spells his first name to selected card
Also published here 57
Will De Sieve Master Card Control Gimmick coin impression
Maurice Fogel, Eugene Burger Fogel's Triple Prediction including "the necessary degree of error"
Also published here 60
Eugene Burger Out of This World discussing the weak points, Grant's impromptu version
Also published here 64
Eugene Burger Easy Money Presentation restaurant presentation
Also published here 68
Eugene Burger Chapter Four: Precision
Also published here 71
Dale Anthony, Eugene Burger Dracula and the Sorority Girls Queen becomes faded, a card appears under a thumb tack on the case
Inspired by
  • "Under Attack" (Dale Anthony)
Also published here
Eugene Burger Chapter Five: Confidence and Power
Also published here 85
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