Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
61 pages (Stapled), published by The Gutenberg Press
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
40 entries
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Karl Fulves Introduction
Karl Fulves Thot Dice two cards change position, selected with dice
Related to 1
Karl Fulves He Lied two cards
Karl Fulves Oil & Water 5&5, cards alternate at climax
Related to 3
Karl Fulves Technicolor Oddity four reds and four blacks are mixed in various ways (klondike shuffle, under/over shuffle), yet separate
Variations 7
Karl Fulves Progressive Trap five cards move around and a back changes
Related toVariations 8
Push-Off Count
Karl Fulves 5 as 5 Count
Karl Fulves Short Cut cased deck is cut as gag, selection appears on case
Karl Fulves Carbon Copy two packets with ace to four are sympathetic
Related to 11
Karl Fulves D/U Dice selection in small packet is found with die, loaded
Karl Fulves Face-Up Thot card removed from face up face down deck is removed by spectator, mate found, faro, si stebbins
Karl Fulves, Jack Chanin Rise & Fall ribbon attached to card, wrong card, when pulled right card rises up, for credit information see "Skeleton Crew" reference
Related to 15
Karl Fulves Sawing Thru queen in envelope is cut and restored
Karl Fulves Duo Dice two cards selected from six-card packets with dice and found
Karl Fulves No-Cover Aces four aces, four indifferent cards, aces vanish/change into indifferent cards, aces found again
Variations 21
Karl Fulves Over & Out card selected from sixteen card packet out of hands is controlled with over/under shuffle and klondike
Karl Fulves Theory Transpo unknown card on table, Ace between Jacks, Jacks vanish and card on table turns out to be the two Jacks
Karl Fulves, Jerry Andrus Lapping Sandwich Cards sandwich cards are lapped, similar to Andrus Tunnel Vanish
Karl Fulves Variations off-beat transposition problems
Karl Fulves Shuttle Cut transposing two cards at any position during cutting action, two methods with open and secret cutting
Related to 27
Karl Fulves Mark Of The Reader selection becomes blank, performer divines selection
Related to 31
Karl Fulves Short Rise comedy routine with card frame and miniature card rising, devano deck
Karl Fulves Chameleon Deck all backs and color changing deck combo
Karl Fulves Snap Out one pip snaps out of card and falls off, leaving a hole
Karl Fulves Cased Card card in case turns out to be later signed selection, Between Your Palms variation
Karl Fulves Fake Case Insertion
Karl Fulves Two Jokers two cards in case, signed selection in deck, signed card transposes with any card in case
Karl Fulves 5-Card Reader five cards, packet handling of Hummer's "Mindreader's Dream"
Inspired by 43
Karl Fulves Mini Miraskil eight cards, two methods
Karl Fulves Auto-Jog getting cards in jogged position during in-hands cut
Karl Fulves Auto Glide getting into glide position, stop trick application
Karl Fulves Shuttle Shuffle mathematical shuffle that transposes two cards, down-under thing with ten cards
Related to 47
Karl Fulves Random Thot mathematical procedure
Karl Fulves Locked Room card in metal box turns out to be later signed selection, second method with card case or envelope
Karl Fulves Four Gone 4&4, oil and water type routine, unequal transpo kicker
Variations 53
Karl Fulves Can't Fail prediction in card case is wrong, then whole deck is produced from box one by one
Karl Fulves ESP In Gray five cards selected from face up face down deck are divined, gray code
Related to 55
Karl Fulves Napoleon two four-card packets
Related to 58
Karl Fulves Accursed Card cased deck moves beneath translucent handkerchief, turns over in deck
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