published April 2023
Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
40 pages (Paperback), published by Penguin Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Juan Tamariz Letter from Juan on competitions in art and magic
Juan Tamariz Decrypting values of cards equal letters, spectators may name letters to match numbers, chosen cards form name of spectator and group of cards turns out to form the birthdate of spectator
Juan Tamariz Suicide Poker from a shuffled deck, four good hands, performer wins with four Aces, culling
Juan Tamariz A Suit to Order several spectator select cards, all are from same suit and in order
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Juan Tamariz Progressive Color Change using two gaffed cards
Juan Tamariz Palming Tip crotch position
Juan Tamariz Impromptu Double Flying when dealt through deck named four-of-a-kind is missing, cards return face-up at different parts in the deck, repeated with other four-of-a-kind, impromptu version
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Juan Tamariz P.S. brief anecdote with Teller and Jandro
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