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Illustrated with drawings by Jay Fortune
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Lawrence Hass List of Videos and Media list of accompanying videos
Lawrence Hass Introduction
  • Theme and Focus
  • Layers and Levels
  • Final Words
Eugene Burger To the Reader
Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass Opening Interview: Eugene Speaks Again!
Eugene Burger On Double and Multiple Lifts they should not be used
Part One: Classics
Lawrence Hass Part One: Preface
Eugene Burger The Tyranny of the New
Also published here 3
Eugene Burger Influence spectator stops dealing, card has large X on its back, then spectator stops the performer dealing and card is predicted as jumbo card on back of tray
  • Interview, 2015
Inspired by
  • "Altered" (Bruce Bernstein)
Max Maven Monte Cristo Deck credit information
Eugene Burger The Psychological Stop Force seventeenth position
Eugene Burger "Can You Tell Me The Best Card Tricks?"
Also published here 23
Eugene Burger Thought Sender both sides of deck are freely shown
  • Eugene's Printed Instructions (1994/1996)
  • Additional Thoughts
  • Thought Sender Additions (1996)
  • The Basic Script and Variations
  • Interview, 2011
Inspired byAlso published here
  • marketed 1994
Eugene Burger Jumbo Card Prediction reproduced unpublished instructions from 1991, partial mirage deck
Related to 43
Eugene Burger Performing Stunts and Performing Magic
Also published here 47
Lawrence Hass Destiny Has a Name intro
Max Maven "Viva Las Vegas" Instructions (2006) ten cards in a circle layout, one chosen with two invisible dice and counting, it is predicted
Related toAlso published here
  • marketed 2006
Max Maven Viva Force variant of 10/11 force with ten cards in circle layout, one of two cards
Lawrence Hass Details about "Destiny Has a Name" and its Development
Eugene Burger Destiny Has a Name ten cards in a circle layout, one chosen with two invisible dice and counting, it is predicted either in case or with spectator's name on back, text from 2014 pamphlet
Part Two: Growing in the Art of Magic
Lawrence Hass Part Two: Preface
Eugene Burger Foreword
Also published here 69
Eugene Burger Talk 1. Growing
Also published here 70
Eugene Burger Talk 2. The Way of the Magician
Also published here 72
Eugene Burger Talk 3. Managing People Close-Up
Also published here 75
Eugene Burger Talk 4. Before the Show
Also published here 81
Eugene Burger Talk 5. After the Show
Also published here 86
Eugene Burger Talk 6. The Origin and Symbolism of Magic
Also published here 89
Eugene Burger Talk 7. The Future of Magic
Also published here 92
Eugene Burger Talk 8. Seeking a Magical Vision
Also published here 95
Eugene Burger Talk 9. Imagination, Solitude, and Creativity
Also published here 102
Eugene Burger Talk 10. The Flow of Water
Also published here 105
Eugene Burger, Michael Caplan Addendum: An Interview with Michael Caplan
Part Three: Close-Up Card Magic & Performing Philosophy
Lawrence Hass Part Three: Preface
Eugene Burger The Legacy of Bert Allerton
Also published here 115
Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass Eugene's Approach to Card Magic: Interviews and Techniques
Eugene Burger The Crimp on the corner crimp, crimping the bottom card and using a crimp for the control of a selection
Lawrence Hass False Shuffles and False Cuts comments and references of what Eugene Burger used
Eugene Burger Clocking the Deck and an Unnamed Effect spectator removes any number card, performer finds mate
Eugene Burger A Top-Secret Device handling of a palmed shiner, applications (spectator stops at any card, then mate is found, red/black separation)
Lawrence Hass Three Entertaining Discoveries: The Robot, Einstein's Card Trick, Perfect Speller
Eugene Burger The Robot wind-up robot finds card
Also published here
  • "An Entertaining Card Discovery" (MUM, March 2004)
Eugene Burger Supplement to the "Robot": Eugene's Work on the Fukai Car car with light and sound effect finds card, magnetic
Eugene Burger Einstein's Card Trick card remembered and name spelled, then down-under-deal to find selection
  • Interview Discussion
Inspired by 138
Eugene Burger Perfect Speller
Inspired by 141
Eugene Burger Selecting Magic to Perform
Also published here
  • Mystery School Museletter, June 2011
Bruce Bernstein Fishing spectator selects five cards from washed deck on table, then cards are eliminated until one remains, it matches a prediction
Bruce Bernstein The Bernstein Utility Switch "A Tribute to Slydini", as card on table is slid off and turned over
Lawrence Hass Entries from Eugene's Notebook intro
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger Entry 1: Reset
Also published here 157
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger Entry 2: Performing Magic Socially
Also published here 159
Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger Entry 3: On Mastery
Also published here 162
Eugene Burger Observo "Ob-ser-vo", two spectators are shown a packet of cards and they should count and remember how many red cards are in it, they disagree twice, one changes into a Joker as climax
Inspired by
  • "Seeing What Seems" (Robert Neale, Life, Death & Other Card Tricks)
Also published here
  • DVD Exploring Magical Presentations, L&L, 2007
  • marketed 2000
Two Unrecorded Gems
Eugene Burger Eugene's Touch for "Card Warp" making sure the final tear works as planned
Eugene Burger Eugene's Touch for "The Haunted Pack"
Eugene Burger Order and Chaos with swindle switch
Inspired by 177
Eugene Burger Unfazed two sets of five image cards are matched
Inspired by
  • "Unfazed" (Ben Blau, marketed 2016)
Ben Blau Ose-D Cut triple cut on the table, retains cyclical order
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Asymptotes, 2015, p. 304
Part Four: Conversations
Lawrence Hass Part Four: Preface
Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass, Marjorie Hass, Dr. Jennifer Pauls, Bryce Kuhlman, Benjamin Barnes Early Professional Days: An Interview
Eugene Burger, Jim Sisti A Conversation with Eugene Burger: The Making of Magical Voyages
Also published here
  • L&L Publishing: 2002 Catalog of Magic, p. 57
Eugene Burger, Lawrence Hass The Magic Beard about a one-man show Eugene Burger did in 2000
  • The Magic Beard: Show and Monologues
  • Interview about The Magic Beard
Eugene Burger O. K. Bouwsma's Coin
Also published here
  • Mystery School Museletter, Oct. 2014
Eugene Burger, Max Maven Eugene Burger: Interview with Max Maven
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, June 2004
Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz The Last Lesson on Eugene Burger's death
Inspired by
  • version in The Magic Circular, Nov. 2017
Lawrence Hass Two Gifts from Michael Caplan
Part Five: Psychological Card Magic
Lawrence Hass Part Five: Preface
Lawrence Hass, Eugene Burger Eugene's Approach to Equivoque
  • Introduction
  • Interview
  • Eugene's Definition and Principles
    • Additional Principles
    • Some Notes on the Magician's Choice
    • Notes on Equivoque
  • Workshops
    • The Early Workshops (1985-1986)
    • The Late Workshops (Late 1990s-2017)
    • Excerpts
Eugene Burger Forcing Sequence for Up to Five Objects
  • A. Forcing One Out of Two Objects
  • B. Forcing One Out of Three Objects
  • C. Forcing One Out of Four Objects
  • D. Forcing One Out of Five Objects
Equivoque Routines Taught at the Workshops
Eugene Burger, Eddie Fields Cool Spell spectator spells the name of any woman they know, selected card is found at the end of spelling
Inspired by 272
Eugene Burger The Horowitz Variation spectator stops in one half, value used to locate card in other half, impromptu
Related to 275
Eugene Burger The Marked Card card marked with sticker on back, psychological face-up spread force
Inspired by 276
Eugene Burger Psychological Face-Up Spread Force Handling
Related to 277
Eugene Burger B'Wave script and handling for Max Maven's routine
Eugene Burger Eugene's Non-Gaffed Card Version
Inspired by
  • B'Wave (Max Maven)
Eugene Burger The N'Gai Dog Race six pellets with numbers that represent dogs, chosen dog that wins is predicted, repeat
Inspired by
  • "The N'Gai Dog Race" (Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles, 1985)
Eugene Burger Two Additional Handouts
  • Performance Script for the Magician's Choice (2002)
  • Practicing Equivoque
Related to 284
Lawrence Hass Selected Resources on Equivoque
Eugene Burger The Trick That Cannot Be Explained Burger's handling, card chosen and mate is found in card case
  • Introduction
  • Stage One. Discussion Points and Variables
  • Stage Two: Discussion Points and Variables
  • Stage Three: Discussion Points
  • Interview, January 2011
  • Eugene's Failure Out, Repeat Variations, and Building a Set
Eugene Burger The Moving Finger Technique spectator moves finger along face-up spread on table and stops
Related to 298
Lawrence Hass Finis
Lawrence Hass Acknowledgements
Lawrence Hass Selected Bibliography
  • Books and Articles
  • Videos, Tricks, and Sleights
Lawrence Hass About the Authors
  • Eugene Burger
  • Lawrence Hass, Ph.D.
Lawrence Hass About Theory & Art of Magic Press
  • Publications
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