Written by Jerry Sadowitz

Work of Jerry Sadowitz

38 pages (Spiralbound), published by Martin Breese

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Sadowitz Foreward
Jerry Sadowitz The Last Deadfall red aces in center transpose with black aces in hands 1
Jerry Sadowitz The Persuaders kings appear one by one between sandwich cards, then a selection 2
Gordon Bruce, Jerry Sadowitz Bottop Production card appears visually between sandwich cards 2
Jerry Sadowitz Come Again story presentation with royal flush climaxInspired by 4
Jerry Sadowitz Prone to Live Dangerously performer places ace of spades next to selection, sucker effect 6
Jerry Sadowitz Jaffa Cakes combining "Twisting the Aces" and "Twisted Collectors"Inspired by 7
Jerry Sadowitz Slip Jog Open HockleyVariationsAlso published here 9
Jerry Sadowitz, Neal Elias Cover Shift Inspired byAlso published here 10
Jerry Sadowitz Monkey Feathers kings distributed in deck transpose with aces on top 11
Ken Krenzel, Alex Elmsley Slide Under Switch 11
Jerry Sadowitz Try aces lost in deck, top 4 indifferent cards change into them 12
Jerry Sadowitz Why Not 14
Unknown 4 as 5 Elmsley Count 14
Jerry Sadowitz This Never Happened to the Other Fella! 15
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer Move 16
Jerry Sadowitz Hard Man 17
Jerry Sadowitz My Name is Kerr card to named position reversedRelated to 19
Jerry Sadowitz Vendetta 20
Unknown Riffle Force from break 20
Jerry Sadowitz Something's Up! three cards, plunger rise 22
Jerry Sadowitz The Five of Diamonds oil and queens, followed by royal couples into pocketsRelated to 24
Jerry Sadowitz Thatcher Out! various cards turn over multiple times 26
Roy Walton Side-Glide Load 26
Gordon Bruce Reversal Move spreadRelated to 26
Jerry Sadowitz Cut Palm action palm, cards start in center 27
Jerry Sadowitz Wish You Were Here aces in deck change place with a card in the pocket 29
Jerry Sadowitz Another One 30
Jerry Sadowitz, Nate Leipzig What Me Worry? first card through hand, then deck through handInspired by 33
Jerry Sadowitz C.N.D. four royal flush cards change to aces, single card becomes royal flush, inspired by Roy Walton's "Outward Bound" (Pabular) 35
Jerry Sadowitz Sparrows Tears spectator touches four cards: kings, four other selections turn out to have red backs, back color switches places then 37
Jerry Sadowitz, Derek Dingle NoLap Switch Handling Related to 37