Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Peter Duffie
22 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Peter Duffie Introduction
Peter Duffie Remember and Don't Forget Remember and Forget, with packet color separation as a surprise ending
Inspired byVariations 1
Peter Duffie That Sinking Feeling two Jokers penetrate and sink to bottom of two packets, selections are found on top of each packet
Variations 2
Peter Duffie Domination two cards are placed between two Jokers, they change to Jokers as well, then back, then two Queens are put between Jokers and all become Queens
Inspired by
  • "Oversight" (Phil Goldstein)
Related to
Peter Duffie The Convivial Contortionists Jokers and Ace, Two and Three of Hearts used for twisting thing, then selection Six of Hearts shows up
Inspired by 4
Peter Duffie A Piece of Fred spectator shuffles and cuts into three piles and takes one, performer names the number of red and black cards in his pile
Inspired by 5
Peter Duffie Reference Point two selections made out of performer's hands from twelve-card packets, re-matrixing
Inspired byRelated to 6
Peter Duffie Four Big Mistakes marriage with all twelve court cards
Peter Duffie The Secret Merchants three Queens "whisper" two selections and transpose with them
Inspired by 8
Peter Duffie The Soft Shoe Shuffle three spectators count to chosen numbers and remember cards, then spectators move around and the cards are now at their new numbers
Related to 10
Peter Duffie Matchical mates at same position in two seven-card packets
  • Epilogue to Matchical
Variations 11
Peter Duffie Matchical Mix two Cards, two Piles, Same position - selection and mate
  • Epilogue to Matchical Mix
Inspired byAlso published here 12
Peter Duffie The Sign of Four prediction packet on table, card chosen, tabled packet contains card of same color, suit and also actual selection
Inspired byVariations 13
Peter Duffie Pictorial Ratification card chosen and cards counted off according to value and suit, then it is located
Inspired by
  • "Mental Spell" (Eddie Clever)
Peter Duffie Thoughts on the Bottom estimation & Bottom Deal
VariationsAlso published here 15
Peter Duffie Seven Down seven cards dealt down to find first selection face up, seven cards dealt again, but find first selection again, the previous selection is now the second selection
  • Epilogue to Seven Down
Inspired byVariations 16
Peter Duffie Taking Pictures selection placed between two jokers, sandwich put unter spectator's hand, then sandwich found in the deck and under the spectator's hand are the three cards matching the selection
  • Epilogue to Taking Pictures
Inspired by 17
Slip Cut
Peter Duffie Hellraiser elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two Jokers
Variations 19
Peter Duffie Not As Impromptu one of four cards selected, other three cards added together and number counted in deck finds mate
  • Epilogue to Not As Impromptu
Inspired byAlso published here 20
Peter Duffie Directly Between two Jokers pushed reversed into center together, deck slapped onto selection and it instantly is found between Jokers, two classic passes
Variations 21
Peter Duffie Lucky For Some spectator riffle shuffles deck once and takes top thirteen cards, those cards are predicted or divined
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