Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Joshua Jay
80 pages (Paperback), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Joshua Jay Introduction
Joshua Jay A Stack that Suits on choosing a memorized stack
Joshua Jay Switching Stacks without Looking Back
Joshua Jay The Particle System at a Glance
Joshua Jay A Closer Look on the Particle System
  • A Problem, a Solution, and a Realization
  • Seamlessness
  • No Risk
  • Stack to System
  • Ready for the Fight
Joshua Jay Elements of The Particle Stack
  • Particle Stack Elements
  • Memorizing Particle Stack
  • Memory Aids
  • Getting into Particle Stack
  • Particle Stack Subtleties
  • Putting in "The Work"
    • Marked Cards
    • One Short Card
    • Breather Cards
Breather Crimp
Part Two: Effects
Joshua Jay Weighing Across combination of Weighing the Cards and Cards Across
Also published here 45
One-Handed Slip to Bottom top card dragged to bottom with thumb behind back
Also published here 46
Joshua Jay Weighing Across Light combination of Weighing the Cards and Cards Across, stand-up handling
Also published here 52
Joshua Jay Multiple Tent Vanish Handling
Also published here 53
Joshua Jay Think as I Think spectator and performer each think of a card and find each other's card
Also published here 60
Joshua Jay Particle Pair any pair of mates named, then a card is chosen, it is found between the named mates
Related to 66
Gary Ouellet Touch Force
Joshua Jay The Same, But Different three cards touched by spectator during in-the-hands spread, all predicted immediately before they are touched
Inspired by 72
Joshua Jay Push-Up Display deck with out-jogged cards, hand moves up to show faces, one of the cards is switched
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