Written by John C. Wagner

Work of John C. Wagner

59 pages (Stapled), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Dwight Dunaway.
Language: English

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Mike Rogers Foreward
John C. Wagner Preface
John C. Wagner Torn and Restored Card single card torn in four pieces and restored except one corner, inspired by Paul Harris' "Rip Off"Related to 1
John C. Wagner Matrix Torn and Restored Card matrix with torn quarters, restoration climaxVariations 12
John C. Wagner Spectral Silk card reveals itself underneath handkerchief, glorpyRelated to 28
John C. Wagner Mentally by Two faro, automatic placement 33
Edward Marlo Suit Fishing from "Card Chicanery" 35
John C. Wagner J.C.'s Color Changing Deck Routine Inspired by 36
Edward Marlo Marlo Jog Control injogging inserted card 38
Edward Marlo Marlo Slip Cut standard slip cut 39
Eric C. Lewis, Martin Lewis An Idea by Eric and Martin Lewis cards are wrongly and openly marked 41
John C. Wagner Ace-Two-Three-Four 42
Edward Marlo Bottom Cop from small packet, as Ambitious Classic sequence 44
John C. Wagner Pop-out Revelation tabled from riffle shuffle position 46
Michael Stillwell, John C. Wagner Mike's Version two-card versionInspired by 48
John C. Wagner Charisma Change object changes as it is dropped through hand 49
John C. Wagner Spongeball to Coin 52
John C. Wagner Torn and Restored Effects application of Charisma Change to Gypsy Thread, paper napkin, cigarette 52
John C. Wagner Silver and Copper Transposition 53
John C. Wagner Wagner Clink Pass 54
John C. Wagner Triple Cut for Triumph 57
John C. Wagner Final Word... 58