Written by Jeff Busby
Work of Larry Jennings
13 pages (Stapled), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
No illustrations
Language: English
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Jeff Busby Larry Jennings' Card-in-Envelope Wallet credit information, bashing of Barry Price wallet, loading tips, envelope tips, self-sealing envelope vs. tear
Larry Jennings Flap Tip for Loading
Larry Jennings Tip for Sneaky Card to Pocket
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Larry Jennings Cards in a Sealed Envelope four cards travel into sealed envelope in wallet
Inspired byRelated to 6
Dai Vernon Card to Wallet as Travellers Climax
Martin Lewis Telephone Number Prediction named phone number is found predicted on matchbook cover in sealed envelope
Martin Lewis Business Card to Wallet borrowed business card is found in performer's wallet instead of his own
John F. Mendoza, George LaFollette The Card In The Wallet no palm, brief outline of routine
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Jeff Busby The Card In The Wallet Handling no palm, variant handling
Inspired by 10
Jeff Busby Marlo "Card in Wallet" References items in print from Ed Marlo
Franklin M. Chapman, Jeff Busby Again -- The Card in Wallet Handling
Inspired by 12
Jeff Busby, Arthur H. Buckley Reel Card to Wallet
Inspired by 12
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