1975-1978 ca.
Written by Lawrence Nudelman
Work of Lawrence Nudelman
6 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
9 entries
Cover photograph
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Lawrence Nudelman Switcheroo borrowed large bill transposes with one-dollar bill in hand of spectator, fake index
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Lawrence Nudelman Changing a Large Bill ($100, $20, or $10) borrowed dollar bill is torn in half, each half changes into full with with half the original value
Lawrence Nudelman A Snappy Money Effect a five-dollar bill vanishes from among three one-dollar bills
Lawrence Nudelman Mix-A-Roo Coin Effect coin held on fingers of palm up hand changes twice, hidden ring with coins attached around it is pivoted
Lawrence Nudelman Traveling Coins with 2 One-Dollar Bills four coins in square formation assemble under cover of two bills
Lawrence Nudelman Bank Teller bills glues at short ends
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Lawrence Nudelman Stretching a Bill bill folded and opened, it becomes larger
Lawrence Nudelman Accordion Changing a $1.00 Bill to a $5.00 Bill bill folded and unfolded according style, it changes, fake index
Lawrence Nudelman Cashing a Check bills produced from check, check itself vanishes optionally
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