Written by Andrew Wimhurst

Work of Andrew Wimhurst

57 pages (Spiralbound), published by Cold Deck Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Darwin Ortiz Introduction vi
Andrew Wimhurst Acknowledgements viii
Andrew Wimhurst The $1,000 Test Card Transmission stacked deck 1
Andrew Wimhurst Dr. Doolittle two Card Location 3
Andrew Wimhurst Bulletproof four Aces up the Sleeve, Selection KickerInspired by 4
Adrian Plate Palm Change brief 5
Neal Elias Multiple Shift 7
Andrew Wimhurst The Fan Control fanning with 4 jogged cardsRelated to 7
Andrew Wimhurst Andrew's Shuffle Shift 8
Andrew Wimhurst The Spectator Estimates the Aces last card found by magicianInspired by 11
Andrew Wimhurst Wimhurst Cut Card pops out during tabled cuts 13
Dad Stevens Stevens Cull brief 13
Andrew Wimhurst Spread 'Em! Queens are cut to, then Aces are found in Spread 16
Dai Vernon Ribbon Spread Location 16
Andrew Wimhurst Kicked in the Face cut in four piles, first Aces, then Jacks, Nash's Honest Aces Shuffle 18
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle leaving four Aces jogged on the table for cutting effect 18
Andrew Wimhurst Fan Peek 21
Andrew Wimhurst, Harry Lorayne The Awesome Foursome producing mates of two selected cards 23
Andrew Wimhurst Faster Shuffle one-shuffle Stack, five hands 25
Andrew Wimhurst Memoirs of A Stud stacking four selections and four aces 27
Andrew Wimhurst The Greek Deal 29
Andrew Wimhurst The Centre Deal 31
Andrew Wimhurst The Wimhurst Poker Deal showcasing (real) center deals 35
Andrew Wimhurst The Expert at the Bridge Table almost impromptu 37
Andrew Wimhurst Ultimate Topsy-Turvy Aces 41
Ken Beale, Darwin Ortiz Double Cut Handling hands and table 42
Andrew Wimhurst Cooler Shuffle actually a set up cut for Zarrow or Strip Out 44
Herb Zarrow A Brief Description of the Zarrow Shuffle 45
Andrew Wimhurst The Return of the Ultimate Cardshark ending in New Pack Order, difficultInspired by 47
Andrew Wimhurst The Natural cards are dealt, shuffled, dealt, same cards 55
Gene Finnell Free Cut Principle 55