published October 2023
Written by Juan Tamariz
Work of Juan Tamariz
44 pages (Paperback), published by Penguin Magic
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Juan Tamariz Letter from Juan on not talking about methods/secrets when discussing tricks in sessions
Juan Tamariz Aces Through a Book book examined, Aces signed, one penetrates deck, one the book, one the book to the inside of its pages, one the table, no lapping
Switch with Book card on top of book apparently dumped on table, switched for card underneath
Paul Harris Book Load card loaded inside book from underneath
Related to 10
Juan Tamariz Another Suit to Order several spectators select cards, all are from same suit and in order
Related to 15
Criss Cross Force
Juan Tamariz Two-Pile Stop Force two-pile-stop trick with 1-0-1 set-up with Nines and Tens as force
Related to 18
Juan Tamariz Under-the-Table Stab Force spectator stabs card reversed under the table in the deck next to force card
Dai Vernon Hindu Shuffle Force
Juan Tamariz Stab Force with Gimmick part glued on back of Joker
Juan Tamariz Demonstration Deck Switch in pocket as an action is demonstrated, with witness card on face
Juan Tamariz Roulette - A Mnemonica Miracle spectator can decide on either 16 or 32, a packet of cards is selected and the values add up to the chosen number
Juan Tamariz Card to number: an improvement card lost in one deck, another deck distributed on table in groups of four, one packet chosen and values added, selection found at that position
Juan Tamariz Multiple Divination four cards given to five spectators each, with honest riffle shuffle after the selection procedure
  • My Version
  • Enhanced Version (showing bigger groups to the spectators during divination phase)
Inspired byVariations 32
Juan Tamariz Anti-Faro Motivation time arrow patter
Juan Tamariz Impromptu Version setting up during a location trick
Inspired by 37
Juan Tamariz Version With a Memorized Stack ten cards given to five spectators each, they shuffle, take out any four cards and think of one of them
Inspired by 38
Juan Tamariz A Variation Vernon Style four cards given to five spectators each, showing larger groups à la OOSOOM, card to pocket climax
Inspired by 39
Juan Tamariz A Multiple Glimpse Using TPC (Tamariz Perpendicular Control) with reversed and perpendicular bottom cards under small in-the-hands spread
Juan Tamariz P. S.
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