Written by Docc Hilford
Work of Docc Hilford
28 pages (Stapled), published by Docc Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Docc Hilford Introduction
Docc Hilford The Tale theatrical act based on a Lovecraft story, seance style effects
Docc Hilford The First Experiment name of chosen object appears on card, pencil breaks on chest, sound in box, performer stops pulse in process
Inspired by
  • Ned Rutledge's "Green Bean Trick"
Docc Hilford The Second Experiment table lifts, books fall from bookshelf and object vanishes from chest on table
Docc Hilford The Last Experiment various effects to finish story presentation, paper wrapped in map is found coated with slime, pouch falls of table, amulet vanishes, appearing eyeball
  • The Map
  • The Pouch
  • The Vapor
  • The Stengh
  • The Broken Amulet Cord
  • The Sogoroth
  • Madness
Docc Hilford After the Act
Docc Hilford Before the Act setting up the room in advance
  • The Room
  • Music
  • The Guests
  • Your Place
Docc Hilford Selling the Act
  • Market 1: The Social Gathering
  • Market 2: The Company Party
  • Market 3: Bed and Breakfasts
  • Market 4: Hotels
  • The Sale
Docc Hilford Final Thoughts
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