Written by Docc Hilford
Work of Docc Hilford
40 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Docc Hilford Introduction
Docc Hilford The Dark Cloak three spectator note on a business cards pieces of information like number, date and a name, then they are burnt in bowl, performer puts on a magical cloak and divines thoughts in theatrical way, with fantasy/reality ambigram
  • A New Revelation
  • Acting 101
  • The Information
  • The Writing
  • Verbal Deceptions
  • Gaining the Written Information
  • The Readings
  • Guest Number One
  • Guest Number Two
  • The Third Guest
  • The Theater of it All
  • The Fire Bowl
  • The Home Version
  • Special Bonus
  • The Keys of Success
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Docc Hilford Appendix A gaining information from social security numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
    • Area Number
    • Group Number
    • Group numbers are assigned as follows
    • Serial Number
    • The Secret Chart
Docc Hilford Appendix B
  • Any Day of the Week
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