Written by Roberto Giobbi

Work of Various

414 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

(375 entries)


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Roberto Giobbi Preface
  • First Things First
  • About the Book
  • How to Read Secret Agenda
  • A Few More Thoughts
  • On My Own Account
  • Last But Not Least
Roberto Giobbi To Separate a Deck at a Specific Point two methods
Jan 1 3
Roberto Giobbi Presentation and Handling for Six Guests in Five Rooms mathematical puzzle performed with finger
Jan 2 4
Leo Behnke An Archive for Special Decks tip for storing many decks
Jan 3 6
Roberto Giobbi Spontaneity
Jan 4 7
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Changing Decks open deck switch concept, various methods
Jan 5 8
Unknown Sucker Bet counter-intuitive bet with dice
Jan 6 10
Roberto Giobbi Versatile Pellet Switch rolled-up piece of paper switched as it is picked up
Jan 7 11
Stewart Judah Versatile Pellet Switch rolled-up piece of paper switched as it is picked up
Jan 7 11
Unknown Penetrating Rubber Band Gag through spectator's finger
Jan 8 12
Roberto Giobbi Flash Technique practice tip
Jan 9 13
Roberto Giobbi, Dr. Jacob Daley Logical Trickery inspired by Note 157 out of Jacob Daley's Notebook
Jan 10 14
Roberto Giobbi Script on scripting
Jan 11 15
Roberto Giobbi Remembering remembering which props belong where before and during a show
Related to Jan 12 16
Cliff Green A Delicate Double Lift
Jan 13 17
Roberto Giobbi Boomerang applications for the Boomerang Flourish as misdirection
Jan 14 18
Roberto Giobbi Control Ruse presentation to openly control a card near the top or bottom
Jan 15 19
Roberto Giobbi Quotes in Presentation and Defense
Jan 16 20
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten Quotes Related to the Hand
Jan 17 21
Roberto Giobbi List of Operating Principles in Card Magic
Jan 18 22
Roberto Giobbi The Lift Shuffle - A Study in the Polyvalence of a Sleight
  • Control the top stock in one shuffle
  • Control top and bottom stocks in one shuffle
  • Force one or several cards
  • Control a selected card
  • Eliminate cards that lie on top of a wanted card
  • Invert the order of individual cards on top of the deck
  • Invert the order of two groups on top of the deck
  • Bring a card from the top to a specific number
  • Key Card Placement
  • Cull one or several cards to the bottom of the deck in a single overhand shuffle
  • False shuffle the entire deck
Jan 19 24
Roberto Giobbi Two Jokes
Jan 20 26
Gordon Bruce, Roberto Giobbi Details of Handling on the Cover Pass
Jan 21 27
Roberto Giobbi Gestalt Theorie for Magic
Jan 22 28
Roberto Giobbi Actus Interruptus
Jan 23 29
Roberto Giobbi Tip on Tips a way to get tips doing restaurant magic
Jan 24 30
Roberto Giobbi A Force and a Location psychological spread force, key card placement out
Jan 25 31
Roberto Giobbi Complete Vanish of a Coin sleeve
Jan 26 32
Roberto Giobbi Unorthodox Second Deal
Related to
  • "Second Deal" (Douglas Francis, The Sphinx, Vol. 47 No. 1, March 1948, p. 6)
  • The Movie Second (Unknown, 1959)
Jan 27 33
Juan Tamariz, Roberto Giobbi Tamariz on the Subject of Magic on TV notes from 2006 Escorial meeting
Jan 28 34
Roberto Giobbi Bridge Control
Jan 29 36
Gabriel Moreno Double Lift Replacement
Jan 30 37
Roberto Giobbi The Poor Man's Luxury on thank you letters for customers
Jan 31 38
Roberto Giobbi Give and Take three pieces of advice
Feb 1 39
Roberto Giobbi No Hands, Ma on handling the cards less, no touching
Feb 2 40
Howard Schwarzman Picking Up the Deck picking up deck from smooth surface
Feb 3 41
Roberto Giobbi Details quotes on attention to detail
Feb 4 42
Roberto Giobbi Favourite Criticisms anecdotes
Related to
  • Pabular Vol. 2, No. 4. Suggestions by Alex Elmsley, what to say after having seen a bad show.
Feb 5 43
Roberto Giobbi Savoir Vivre how to prepare old Cognac, Brandy, Armagnac or rum before drinking
Feb 6 44
Roberto Giobbi Geometry Versus Art on a saying by Picasso
Feb 7 45
Roberto Giobbi How to Memorize a Serial Number Entertainingly
Feb 8 46
Roberto Giobbi Simple Single-Card Switch table edge
Feb 9 47
Vanni Bossi, Roberto Giobbi Souvenir Card nice way to hand out a signed playing card, business
Feb 10 48
Unknown Best Hop bluff
Related to Feb 11 50
Fred Kaps Fred Kaps's Force re-count
Feb 12 51
Edward Marlo Key Card Placement
Related to Feb 13 52
Roberto Giobbi List of Twelve Books to Reread
Feb 14 53
Roberto Giobbi Quotes on Astonishment and Wonderment
Feb 15 54
Roberto Giobbi Favorite Biographies of Magicians
Feb 16 55
Roberto Giobbi Favorite Book for the (Not So) Illiterate
Related to Feb 17 56
Roberto Giobbi Three Favorite Anecdotes Marlo, Elmsley
Feb 18 57
Roberto Giobbi Ten Tips on Marketing Yourself
Feb 19 58
Roberto Giobbi, Juan Tamariz How Did you Do That? how to answer the question "How did you do that?"
Feb 20 59
Roberto Giobbi Top Seven Maxims of Life
Feb 21 60
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten Quotes Related to Card Magic
Feb 22 61
Roberto Giobbi Swing Cut at a Break two methods
Feb 23 62
Roberto Giobbi Control with a Swing Cut at a Break
Feb 24 63
Roberto Giobbi Top Quotes Related to Magic
Feb 25 64
Rainer Teschner Teschner's Top Stock Control finesse for injog shuffle
Feb 26 65
Edward Marlo Marlo's Bluff Cut single cut to shift cards to bottom
Feb 27 66
Roberto Giobbi Another Overhand Shuffle Glimpse
Feb 28 67
Roberto Giobbi Multiple Peek Control one after the other
Feb 29 68
Rainer Teschner Teschner's Selection Control delayed in demonstration, also as set-up for stop trick
Mar 1 69
Roberto Giobbi The Sliding Double
Mar 2 70
Roberto Giobbi The Amazing Coincidence three packets are dealt, matching values on top, re-counting
Mar 3 71
Roberto Giobbi Top Dozen Einstein Quotes
Related to Mar 4 72
Roberto Giobbi Prop or Instrument
Mar 5 73
Juan Tamariz Remember, You Shuffled I ploy so audience remembers that the cards are shuffled
Mar 6 74
Roberto Giobbi Remember, You Shuffled II ploys so audience remembers that the cards are shuffled
Mar 7 75
Roberto Giobbi Top (Non) Sense Quotes
Mar 8 76
Roberto Giobbi Push-In inserting a card at inner end with applications:
- setting key
- next to crimp or getting break
- Diagonal Palm Shift (see also John Carney, Book of Secrets)
Mar 9 77
Roberto Giobbi A Humorous Out out for situation when spectator think of any card
Mar 10 78
Roberto Giobbi Out and Quickie out for situation when spectator think of any card, posed as problem
Related to Mar 11 79
Roberto Giobbi Solution for Out and Quickie out for situation when spectator think of any card, solution
Related to Mar 12 80
Roberto Giobbi, Dai Vernon An Emotional Out out for situation when spectator think of any card
Related to Mar 13 81
Roberto Giobbi Top Fifteen Humorous Quotes
Mar 14 82
Unknown The Goldin Pass more a flourish cut
Mar 15 83
S. W. Erdnase Cyclic False Shuffle
Mar 16 84
Roberto Giobbi Give It a Stab stabbing effect with Svengali Deck
Related to Mar 17 86
Roberto Giobbi A Mathematical Control automatic placement handling
Mar 18 87
Roberto Giobbi A Not So Mathematical Control reciting lyrics
Mar 19 88
Roberto Giobbi Double Lift Substitute
Mar 20 89
Roberto Giobbi Top Ten General Quotes
Mar 21 90
Eddie Fechter Fechter's Slide Control bringing top card to bottom
Mar 22 91
Roberto Giobbi, Edward Marlo Good and Better key card placement after peek
Related to Mar 23 92
Roberto Giobbi Ten Favorite Little-Known or Little-Used Sleights
Mar 24 93
Roberto Giobbi Tent Vanish Subtlety making use of duplicate card/joker
Mar 25 94
Roberto Giobbi Double Undercut Control
Mar 26 95
Roberto Giobbi The Ten Most Underestimated Tricks
Mar 27 96
Roberto Giobbi Fan Control card selected from circular fan is controlled
Mar 28 97
Unknown Fan Step
Mar 28 97
Roberto Giobbi Benefits of Practicing Magic
Mar 29 98
Roberto Giobbi Cover for the Top Change cough
Mar 30 100
Roberto Giobbi After the Break dribble procedure as delay
Mar 31 101
Roberto Giobbi An Essential Library
Apr 1 102
Roberto Giobbi Controlled Control overhand shuffle control to small number from bottom
Apr 2 103
Roberto Giobbi A Red-Black False Riffle Shuffle application
Inspired by Apr 3 104
Roberto Giobbi Self-Criticism
Apr 4 105
Unknown Out of Proportion puzzle
Apr 5 106
Roberto Giobbi Si Stebbins/Galasso comment on the stack
Apr 6 107
Dai Vernon In Lieu of the Diagonal Push-In
Related to Apr 7 108
Gabriel Moreno Triumph for Okito method to reverse top half at end of Triumph
Apr 8 109
Roberto Giobbi Upside-Down Lady story for Thatcher illusion
Apr 9 110
Roberto Giobbi Critique and Reviews
Apr 10 111
Roberto Giobbi Cards and Coins - and a Plot intro to connect cards and coins
Apr 11 112
Lutz Müller Psychological Meaning of Magic for a Spectator
Apr 12 113
Roberto Giobbi Complex Conjuring
Apr 13 114
Roberto Giobbi Structure and Chaos
Apr 14 115
Roberto Giobbi What is a Good Trick? "the criterion of Carlyle"
Apr 15 116
Roberto Giobbi Commerce Versus Art
Apr 16 117
Roberto Giobbi On Taking Notes
Apr 17 118
Roberto Giobbi, Jimmy Grippo Magic and Gambling Grippo's answer why he did not gamble
Related to
  • Frank Garcia's "Marked Cards and Loaded Dice" p.18
Apr 18 119
Roberto Giobbi Mnemonics at the Gym
Apr 19 120
Dr. James William Elliott Advice from the Masters
Apr 20 121
Roberto Giobbi Dai Vernon at the Magic Castle one of Vernon's acts performed at the castle
Apr 21 122
Roberto Giobbi A Frivolous Stack eight kings revised
Apr 22 123
Roberto Giobbi How Real is Reality? anecdote of Picasso
Apr 23 124
Roberto Giobbi Make it Shorter
Apr 24 125
Roberto Giobbi Juan Tamariz and His Teachers
Apr 25 126
Roberto Giobbi My Epitaph
Apr 26 127
Roberto Giobbi Thoughts on Del Ray
Apr 27 128
David Malek Dealing Procedure in Gambling Demonstrations how to speed up dealing for a game
Apr 28 129
Roberto Giobbi Defining Magic quotes
Related to Apr 29 130
Roberto Giobbi Better Magic - Better Magician
Apr 30 131
Roberto Giobbi My Birthday - A Biographical Bit
May 1 132
Roberto Giobbi Tilt to the Hilt double ambitious sequence, including impromptu duplicates
May 2 133
Roberto Giobbi Another Card Production
May 3 134
Roberto Giobbi Four Ace Production
May 4 135
Roberto Giobbi One-Liners Picasso's drawings
Related to May 5 136
Jean-Claude Pagès, Unknown Lapping Elmsley no credit but similar to reference
Related to May 6 137
Roberto Giobbi Magic of the Hands handling of trick using only the fingers
May 7 138
Roberto Giobbi More and Further Magic of the Hands handling of trick using only the fingers
May 8 139
Roberto Giobbi Writer's Motivation I
May 9 140
Roberto Giobbi Writer's Motivation II
May 10 141
Roberto Giobbi Ultimate Magic of the Hands handling of trick using only the fingers
May 11 142
Roberto Giobbi The Card Expert card plots
May 12 143
Roberto Giobbi Top Palm Subtlety and Quickie
May 13 144
Denis Moroso, Roberto Giobbi Qualities of Excellence
May 14 145
Roberto Giobbi Corner Switch for a Bill
Related to May 15 146
Roberto Giobbi, Luis Marino On Shoes handling of shoes, three tips
May 16 147
Fred Kaps Idea for a Close-up Act egg bag as prop container
May 17 148
Roberto Giobbi Magic for Theater
May 18 149
Roberto Giobbi Replies to Journalists replies to provocative or silly questions
May 19 150
Roberto Giobbi Creation
May 20 151
Roberto Giobbi Holmes and Magic
May 21 152
Roberto Giobbi Clarity
May 22 153
Roberto Giobbi Magic and Music
May 23 154
Roberto Giobbi Five Readers Over My Shoulder
May 24 155
Roberto Giobbi Stage Fright
May 25 156
Dai Vernon Top-Stock Control with Riffle Shuffle alternative for Stevens Control
May 26 157
Roberto Giobbi The Art of Magic magic as art
May 27 158
Pekka Gunst Reindeer Puzzle match puzzle
May 28 159
Charlie Miller, Roberto Giobbi Torn and Restored Card
Inspired by May 29 160
Roberto Giobbi Sillicismus "irritating" popular quotes of magicians
May 30 161
Roberto Giobbi Repetition
May 31 162
Roberto Giobbi Wishes
June 1 163
Roberto Giobbi Transformation simple transformation of aces into royal flush
June 2 164
Harvey Rosenthal Pop-Up Move
June 2 164
Edward Marlo ATFUS
June 2 164
Roberto Giobbi Out gag out when finding wrong card
June 3 165
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Draw Advantage putting a crimp into a business card so it does not stick to other cards, prize winning tool at trade shows
June 4 166
Roberto Giobbi Formal Minimalism
June 5 167
Roberto Giobbi Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
June 6 168
Roberto Giobbi Anecdote of Louis de Funès
June 7 169
Fred Kaps Fred Kaps's Birthday handling for so-called Hofzinser Top Change
June 8 170
Roberto Giobbi Jardine Ellis Lecture
June 9 172
Roberto Giobbi A Short Routine with Sponges using purse frame
June 10 173
John Carney, Roberto Giobbi Flash Production of a Sponge Ball
Related to June 11 174
Roberto Giobbi Subtleties for Sponge Ball Magic
June 12 175
Roberto Giobbi, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Dead Heat of Artanis
June 13 176
Roberto Giobbi Vernon Meets Daley four of a kind appears at bottom of packets
Related to June 14 177
Roberto Giobbi Devant and Goliath of David Devant
June 15 178
Roberto Giobbi Thoughts on Cups-and-Balls Loads
June 16 179
Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller Cups-and-Balls Pendulum Loading
June 17 180
Roberto Giobbi Vernon Anecdote Willi Wessel's table
June 18 181
Roberto Giobbi Vernon Accused of Child Abuse of Vernon's children
June 19 182
Alex Elmsley, Roberto Giobbi Marlofactor anecdote of Marlo and Elmsley
June 20 183
Roberto Giobbi Carta-da-Fé how to burn a card
June 21 184
Fredo Raxon Clear Writing getting the spectator to write legibly
June 22 185
Roberto Giobbi (reviewer) Classic Sampler by Michael Skinner June 23 186
Roberto Giobbi Staging a Three-Card Monte Game useful for presentation
June 24 188
Roberto Giobbi Bill in Lemon Concentrate analysis of problems
June 25 189
Roberto Giobbi Applause
June 26 190
Roberto Giobbi Applauding Vivaldi on the difference of a classical concert and a magic show, educating an audience
June 27 192
Flip Hallema, Roberto Giobbi An Artist's Copyright Notice from Flip's lecture notes
June 28 193
John Carney Breast-Pocket Ploy breast pocket stays open, is divided into two compartments
June 29 194
Roberto Giobbi You anecdote of Goshman
June 30 195
Roberto Giobbi, Carlhorst Meier Details for a Climax
Related to July 1 196
Roberto Giobbi Climax for a Knife Routine transforming a knife into many small knives
July 2 197
Roberto Giobbi A Touch for Clifton's Ring Steal
July 3 198
Roberto Giobbi San Giovanni Bosco
July 4 199
Roberto Giobbi Gestures gestures script
July 5 200
Roberto Giobbi Invitations by Avalanche
July 6 201
Steve Draun The Empty Pocket showing trouser pocket empty
July 7 202
Gordon Bruce Double Divination two cards glimpsed in odd-colored half while riffling, divided deck
July 8 203
Judson S. Brown, Jack McMillen Tell-Tale Color Glimpse glimpsing odd-colored card while riffling
July 8 203
Fred Kaps Fantastic Tranceposition from packet to packet, biddle trick methodology
July 9 204
Roberto Giobbi Jam Sessions plan for a jam session
July 10 205
Roberto Giobbi Marketing
July 11 206
Roberto Giobbi Intriguing Thoughts dressed up divination
July 12 207
Roberto Giobbi Notebooks ad Storage for Information
July 13 208
Roberto Giobbi Card Control Demonstration retaining aces on top after shuffle and cut
July 14 210
Roberto Giobbi Climax to an Unexpected Poker Deal
Inspired by July 15 211
Roberto Giobbi Postcard Cue Card strategy to openly do a small set-up
July 16 212
Roberto Giobbi Wrong Card outs when wrong card is located
July 17 213
Roberto Giobbi Table Magic I: Thoughts on Opening Private Shows at Tables on the approach
July 18 214
Roberto Giobbi, Patrick Page Table Magic II: Getting to the Next Table getting great reactions at the first table
July 19 216
Roberto Giobbi Table Magic III: Openers for Private Shows at Tables on openers, ideas by Ron Wilson, Camillo and Tommy Wonder
July 20 217
Roberto Giobbi Thoughts on "Table-Hopping"
July 21 218
Fred Kaps The Fred Kaps Color Change
July 22 219
Roberto Giobbi Talk being able to talk intelligently about magic
July 23 220
Roberto Giobbi Opener anecdote as an opener (Churchill & Shaw)
July 24 221
Roberto Giobbi The Simplest Deck Switch management for simple pocket switch
July 25 222
Al Koran, Roberto Giobbi One-Deck Do-as-I-Do miscalling
Related to July 26 223
Theodore Annemann, Roberto Giobbi One-Way Turnaround
Related to July 27 224
Fred Kaps The Involuntary Stooge
Related to July 28 225
Roberto Giobbi More One-Way Ploys using peek procedure from incomplete faro condition
July 29 226
Edward Marlo, Don Weber IFC Transfer transferring card from top half to bottom half, brief
July 29 226
Max Giebe A Safer One-Way clothespin
July 30 227
Roberto Giobbi Cross-Referencing Practice
July 31 228
Roberto Giobbi Uniqueness on personality
Aug 1 229
Fantasio The Invisible Thimble
Aug 2 230
Roberto Giobbi Folded Card to Purse Frame card comes out of purse frame
Aug 3 231
Frederick Braue, Roberto Giobbi Ambitious I
Inspired by Aug 4 232
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious II in card case
Aug 5 234
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious III: Creating an Impromptu Double-Backer two methods
Aug 6 235
Louis Zingone, Frederick Braue, Neal Elias, Roberto Giobbi Ambitious IV two times to top, then secret steal
Aug 7 236
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious V spelling sequence
Aug 8 237
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious VI setting up for another double lift
Aug 9 238
Unknown K.M. Move with Half Deck
Aug 9 238
Roberto Giobbi Ambitious Problem plot problem, ambitious phase with three piles, ace production climax
Aug 10 239
Roberto Giobbi Trick Questions
Aug 11 240
Roberto Giobbi More Trick Questions
Aug 12 241
Roberto Giobbi Pocket-Calculator Magic presentation for old number trick on calculator
Aug 13 242
Roberto Giobbi The Ghoti is a Fish why ghoti means fish, pronunciation gag
Related to Aug 14 243
Roberto Giobbi Four Number Problems
Aug 15 244
Roberto Giobbi, John Conway An Optical Curiosity optical illusion
Aug 16 245
Roberto Giobbi Old Props
Related to Aug 17 246
Roberto Giobbi Greetings by Night choice of stamp is predicted, multiple out
Aug 18 247
Roberto Giobbi Tea for Profit teabag changes into bill
Aug 19 248
Roberto Giobbi The Versatile Wallet wallet as conserved pocket space, what to store
Aug 20 249
Roberto Giobbi, Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Lyophilized Money burnt white paper transforms into bill, then into higher denomination bill, inspired by Robert-Houdin's "La pièce fusible"
Aug 21 250
Roberto Giobbi The Creation of an Egg cigarette paper is blown up into real egg
Aug 22 252
Carlhorst Meier, Roberto Giobbi Double Divination stacked deck
Aug 23 253
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Cutting to a Crimp
Aug 24 254
Alex Elmsley Cigarette Paper Divination motivation for a switch
Aug 25 255
Roberto Giobbi Recovering from FISM at Giobbi's photo with Hollingworth, Maven, Green, Paviato and Bossi
Aug 26 256
Roberto Giobbi Tricks for Children list
Aug 27 257
Roberto Giobbi Rank of Poker Hands
Aug 28 258
Fred Kaps The Program is Wild idea for wild card plot
Aug 29 259
Roberto Giobbi Another Key-Card Placement dribble handling
Aug 30 260
Roberto Giobbi Linking Rings general comments
Aug 31 261
Roberto Giobbi Okito-san Meets Mr. Terrific motivating an Okito Box
Sep 1 262
Roberto Giobbi Favorite Films
Sep 2 263
Unknown Edge-Marked Cards only visible when beveled
Related to Sep 3 264
Unknown Relative Circles arm movement stunt
Sep 4 265
Arnold Liebertz, Roberto Giobbi Any Wallet a Himber Wallet
Sep 5 266
Roberto Giobbi Card Change in Wallet blank card in wallet changes into selection
Sep 5 267
Roberto Giobbi Card Counting Demonstration card counting demonstration with small set-up
Sep 6 268
Roberto Giobbi Card Counting Enhanced card counting demonstration with small set-up
Sep 7 269
Roberto Giobbi Concerning Hand Movements
Sep 8 270
Roberto Giobbi Cards and Perception on visibility and jumbo cards
Sep 9 271
Roberto Giobbi Visual Effect Versus Conceptual Effect appeal to heart and mind
Sep 10 272
Roberto Giobbi Pause and Applause
Sep 11 273
Roberto Giobbi The Art of Close-Up Magic
Sep 12 274
Roberto Giobbi The Beauty of Asymmetry
Sep 13 275
Roberto Giobbi Triple Divination how to present the divination of multiple cards
Sep 14 276
Roberto Giobbi Thinking Mode
Sep 15 277
Roberto Giobbi Ready Freddie anecdote of Fred Robinson and Fred Kaps
Sep 16 278
Roberto Giobbi Magic and Space making magic spatial
Sep 17 279
Roberto Giobbi The Pareto Principle in Magic 80-20 rule applied to magic
Sep 18 280
Roberto Giobbi The Spiral of Evolution 1. unconscious incompetence
2. conscious incompetence
3. conscious competence
4. unconscious competence
Sep 19 281
Roberto Giobbi Personal Reaction: Feel the Magic
Sep 20 282
Roberto Giobbi Bringing Obejects to Life personification, sound,proper movement and attribution of characteristics
Sep 21 283
Roberto Giobbi Stage Movement
Sep 22 284
Roberto Giobbi Accidental Drop
Sep 23 285
Roberto Giobbi Breaking in a New Deck
Sep 24 286
Roberto Giobbi Subtext
Sep 25 287
Roberto Giobbi Ending a Private Show at a Table
Sep 26 288
Roberto Giobbi Useless Tricks
Sep 27 289
Roberto Giobbi Symbolism in Magic
Sep 28 290
Unknown Number Puzzles
Sep 29 291
Roberto Giobbi Counter-Intuition on the Monty Hall Problem
Sep 30 292
Roberto Giobbi Logic Dethroned logical fallacies gags
Oct 1 293
Max Maven Paradox Prediction
Oct 2 294
Tony Cachadiña Two-Coin Transposition and Vanish Tenkai Pennies followed by vanish
Oct 3 295
Roberto Giobbi Copper-Silver Transposition coin in hand with coin in purse
Oct 4 296
Roberto Giobbi Five Books five non-magic books for magicians
Oct 5 297
Roberto Giobbi Paradoxes quotes
Related to Oct 6 298
Roberto Giobbi Smullyan Kiss how to kiss a woman
Oct 7 299
Unknown Bar Bet probability bet
Oct 8 300
Unknown Another Bar Bet coin removed from underneath object
Oct 9 301
Steve Beam, Roberto Giobbi The Vanishing Pen
Oct 10 302
Roberto Giobbi Table Magic Opener number prediction, thumb writer
Oct 11 303
Roberto Giobbi Business Card Ideas tips on handing out business cards
Oct 12 304
Unknown Puzzle of the Nine Letters
Oct 13 305
Roberto Giobbi The Binary Down-Under Deal mnemonic aid to remember which position a card must start in
Oct 14 306
Lennart Green Magical Supination an Pronation turning the hand 180% without moving the wrist, puzzle
Oct 15 307
Roberto Giobbi Clichés
Related to Oct 16 308
David Williamson Bottle Cap Prediction bottle as prediction, final gag
Oct 17 309
Roberto Giobbi Thoughts on Coin Boxes thoughts on motivation
Oct 18 310
Unknown The Obedient Lemon stop-on-string ball with lemon
Oct 19 311
Mel Stover Calendar Prediction Mel Stover's "Days of Force" with calendar
Related to Oct 20 312
Unknown The Psychic Rubber Band prediction written on rubber band
Oct 21 314
Fred Kaps, Nick Trost Venus VS. Mars Trost's "Eight-Card Brainwave" with male/female cards
Oct 22 315
Roberto Giobbi An Overhand Shuffle Control
Oct 23 316
Roberto Giobbi Automatic Key-Card Placement out-of-hands
Oct 24 317
Roberto Giobbi Stay! how to prepare a book that the pages stay open
Oct 25 318
Roberto Giobbi Which Wine Would You Like? forcing wine with Roy Baker's PATEO Force
Oct 26 319
Roberto Giobbi Getting Rid of Extra Cards Above a Selection five methods
Oct 27 320
Collin Lynn Lynn's Bold-Pass Card Control
Oct 28 321
Roberto Giobbi The Fake Take and Variations
Oct 29 322
Roberto Giobbi Book for an Island
Oct 30 323
Roberto Giobbi The Magic Menu menu card with tricks
Oct 31 324
Roberto Giobbi A Built-In Shiner cards with gilded edges
Nov 1 325
Roberto Giobbi To Practice Estimation
Nov 2 326
Roberto Giobbi Early Giobbi photos
Nov 3 327
Richard Vollmer, Steve Belchou Belchou Varied
Nov 4 328
Roberto Giobbi Teach a Layperson what to teach
Nov 5 329
Roberto Giobbi A Bold Force handling for old re-counting force
Nov 6 330
Tom Sellers Quick Sellers spot card forced, that many cards turn over
Nov 7 331
Roberto Giobbi Card to Envelope and Wallet thoughts
Nov 8 332
Roberto Giobbi How to Limit a Number
Nov 9 333
Arturo de Ascanio An Ascanian Buckle Count Subtlety
Nov 10 334
Roberto Giobbi When You've Lost the Card two strategies
Nov 11 335
Unknown Finger Questions puzzles with fingers
Nov 12 336
Roberto Giobbi Sucker Effect how to perform a sucker effect without offending people
Nov 13 337
Edward Marlo Marlo's Hands uncommented photographs of some Charlier type pass
Nov 14 338
Roberto Giobbi Seven Tips on Practice
Nov 15 340
Vanni Bossi Vanni Bossi's Wild Money presentation for flash cash
Nov 16 341
Roberto Giobbi More Thoughts on "Flash Cash"
Nov 17 342
Roberto Giobbi Yet Another Idea for "Flash Cash"
Nov 18 343
Roberto Giobbi Bridge Over Hindu doing a bridge and setting it over selection
Nov 19 344
Roberto Giobbi Pass At the Bridge different handling
Inspired by Nov 20 345
Roberto Giobbi How to Read a Book
Nov 21 346
Roberto Giobbi Scoring System for tricks in books
Nov 22 347
Roberto Giobbi Categories for My Filing System
Nov 23 348
Roberto Giobbi Synonyms for the Word "Trick"
Nov 24 349
Roberto Giobbi That's Not Commercial
Nov 25 350
Roberto Giobbi You Have to Entertain Them First
Nov 26 351
Roberto Giobbi Magic Lottery idea for performance structure
Nov 27 352
Roberto Giobbi, Gaëtan Bloom Guest Book using a guest books while working at tables
Related to Nov 28 353
Roberto Giobbi Torn and Restored Ploy thoughts
Nov 29 354
Roberto Giobbi Torn and Restored Justification
Nov 30 356
Roberto Giobbi The Rememorized Deck on learning mnemonica
Dec 1 357
Roberto Giobbi 2nd December on palindromes
Related to Dec 2 358
Roberto Giobbi Anagrams
Related to Dec 3 359
Roberto Giobbi A Koan for True Innovation
Dec 4 360
Roberto Giobbi Photos With... Paviato, Ascanio, Elmsley, Lavand, Cachadina, Vazquez, Thompson, Takagi and Bossi
Dec 5 361
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio's Subtlety for Stealing a Coin
Dec 6 362
Roberto Giobbi Simplicity and Essence Einstein & co
Dec 7 364
Roberto Giobbi Artistic Magic
Dec 8 365
Roberto Giobbi A Touch on the Braue Addition
Dec 9 366
Roberto Giobbi List of Intelligentsia list of interesting people in terms of their theoretical, conceptual and philosophical thinking
Dec 10 368
Roberto Giobbi Ten Professional Tips on different things
Dec 11 369
Roberto Giobbi Applications of the All-Around Square-Up list with applications
Dec 12 370
Roberto Giobbi Usefully Useless doing things for pleasure
Dec 13 372
Roberto Giobbi Inform Your Audience using tricks to educate audience about magic
Dec 14 373
Lennart Green A Special-Deck Mnemonic how to know if a deck you open is a gaffed one
Dec 15 374
Roberto Giobbi The Most Incredible Magic Trick
Dec 16 375
Roberto Giobbi Creativity
Dec 17 376
Roberto Giobbi Mind Map of Card College, Volumes 3 and 4
Dec 18 377
Roberto Giobbi Mind Mapping Vernon overview of Vernon's life and work in one mind map
Dec 19 378
Roberto Giobbi Top Stock Control
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Dec 21 380
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Sandwich Switch from the Daley Notebooks
Dec 22 381
Roberto Giobbi Show VS. Teach
Dec 23 382
Joachim Wolf Going to the Pocket tip
Dec 24 383
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Dec 25 384
Roberto Giobbi Classic Card Tricks Not to be Forgotten list
Dec 26 385
Fred Kaps An Unusual Double Lift as used by Fred Kaps
Dec 27 386
Roberto Giobbi The Ten Greatest Card Tricks
Dec 28 387
Roberto Giobbi The Utility Bag and the Essential Utility Bag
Dec 29 388
Roberto Giobbi Prologue
Dec 30 390
Roberto Giobbi Epilogue
Dec 31 391