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James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on Mystics Magazine, Perennial Mystics, Dick Briefer
23 Apr. 2022 1
Steve Beam In the Editor's Mailbox
23 Apr. 2022 5
Thomas A. Ewing The Life and Death of the Blackstone Magic Company on Harry Blackstone Sr., Percy Abbott, Walter Gibson
23 Apr. 2022 9
Jim Steinmeyer Houdini's Final Illusion on Houdini's "Walking Through the North Pole" illusion
23 Apr. 2022 13
Samuel Porteous The Original Chinese Conjurer: A Life Reimagined Ching Ling Foo artwork by Samuel Porteous
23 Apr. 2022 17
James C. Hagy, Betty Davenport The Custom of Conjurers - A Chat by Jim Hagy with Betty Davenport interview with Betty Davenport, on Davenport's Magic Shop
23 Apr. 2022 25
Sage Hagy Go Straight Ahead, Turn Lefty... on Jay Marshall, Paul Diamond, Frances Marshall
23 Apr. 2022 33
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims
24 Apr. 2022 1
James C. Hagy, Eric Colleary Houdini in the Time of COVID - A Chat by Jim Hagy with Eric Colleary at the Harry Ransom Center
24 Apr. 2022 5
Jan B.A. Janson Elliott and Downs: A Friendship. And a Research Model for the Future? index of Dr. Elliott and T. Nelson Downs correspondence
24 Apr. 2022 9
Mike Caveney A Straw Pole on the broom suspension illusion, Charles "Colta" Jones
24 Apr. 2022 13
Will Houstoun The Hoffmann Collector's Holy Grail on the various publications of Professor Hoffmann, different editions and number of copies
24 Apr. 2022 17
Michael P. Hades How I Met Stephen Minch
Related to 24 Apr. 2022 25
Bob Loomis Houdini's First on Houdini's first published article, second sight act, Annemann
24 Apr. 2022 29
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on FISM, Jacques Voignier, Magicana, Patrick Watson, Rich Cabinet Collection, John Mulholland
25 July 2022 1
Richard Cohn A Case of Magic, or Acquiring an Art K. Fact on Art Kahn, John Mulholland
25 July 2022 5
Jeff Clow The Master and the Kid on meeting Dai Vernon
25 July 2022 9
Per Eklund Joseph Le Tort - > Somewhat Unknown Mystery Man on Joseph Le Tort
25 July 2022 13
Arthur Moses The Houdini Pitchbooks brief overview on Houdini's pitchbooks
25 July 2022 17
Loren Pankratz David Abbott's 1906 Investigation of a "Strange Case" of Speaking Through the Ear on the medium Elizabeth Blake
25 July 2022 25
Ian Keable-Elliott The Oldest Trick in the Book: A Sequel on Bob Read's unpublished manuscript on magic themed prints
25 July 2022 29
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on Milbourne Christopher, Ching Ling Foo, Sam Porteous, FISM
26 Oct. 2022 1
Stephen Minch, Michael P. Hades The Other Side (Or How I Met Micky Hades)
Related to 26 Oct. 2022 5
Ken Trombly Milbourne and Me on Milbourne Christopher
26 Oct. 2022 13
George Daily Miniature Magic Periodical Titles
26 Oct. 2022 17
Steve Beam Magical Illustrations - When Good Illustrations Go Bad on mistakes in illustrations of magic books
26 Oct. 2022 25
Christ Van Herwegen, Kobe Van Herwegen Ann Hardy - The Singing Magician
26 Oct. 2022 33
John Davenport Welcome to the 1936 Munich Magic Convention "Join the Davenport Family on their first Visit to a German Magic Convention"
26 Oct. 2022 37
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims
27 Jan. 2023 1
Kevin James A Very Special Day in Baltimore on Johnny Eck, Jack Gaylan, Jeffrey Pratt Gordon
27 Jan. 2023 5
Michael Rose, Julie Saylor The Disappearing Clubhouse on the Demon's Club of Baltimore Magicians
  • The Birth of The Demons
  • The Demon's Find a Home
  • The Big Question
  • Walking in Demon's Territory
27 Jan. 2023 13
Gary Hunt Pink Pills for Pale People on Minerva "The Queen of Mystery" and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
27 Jan. 2023 21
Mac King A Fishing Expedition on Aerial Fishing, Gene DeVoe
27 Jan. 2023 25
Richard Hatch Sic Transit Gloria on Gloria de Vos, Kalanag, Peter Reveen, selling of Kalanag's show
27 Jan. 2023 29
Brian Lead The Trappings of Office... Chains, Boxes and Broken Wands
27 Jan. 2023 37
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on Eddie Dawes, John Mulholland
28 May 2023 1
Adele Friel Rhindress My Unusual Valentine on Daniel Waldron
28 May 2023 5
Bill Smith The Journey of Howard Thurston's "Seeing Through a Woman"
28 May 2023 9
Enrique Jimenez-Martinez Two Magical Priests - St. Vincent de Paul and St. Giovanni Bosco
28 May 2023 17
William Schmeelk The Blue Phantom Perfected history and variations of Hans Trunk's Das Blaue Wunder
28 May 2023 25
Gene Matsuura Fooled by a Photo on Howard Thurston, Winston Free, picture of levitation of a person while standing surrounded on a nightclub table
28 May 2023 33
Bob Farmer The Use of Abstraction in the Invention of Magic Tricks on the Mojo Boogie Boxes Routine, Roy Kueppers, Bammo Queen Monte Routine
28 May 2023 37
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on Dan Witkowski
29 Aug. 2023 1
Alexander Boyce In Praise of the Timeline timeline of Channing Pollock's career
29 Aug. 2023 5
Gary Plants An Evening with Faucett Ross and Paul Rosini letter from Faucett Ross to Paul Fox about Rosini's show
29 Aug. 2023 9
George Daily Handbook of Magic and WPA and on Bonomo, the Magic Clown
29 Aug. 2023 17
Kent Blackmore What's In a Name? The Mystery of George Waldo Heller
29 Aug. 2023 21
Richard Hatch An Experiment Using ChatGPT to Research the History of Magic
29 Aug. 2023 29
Andrés Reynoso Flores Mexico's Finest Magician on Chen Kai aka Julio Hijuelos
29 Aug. 2023 33
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on Leo Behnke, Milbourne Christopher Literary Award 2023
30 Jan. 2024 1
Peter Rawert Provenance Research in Conjuring Book History
  • Traces of use are history of existence
  • Condition as third Level
  • Owner's notes and bookplates
  • Association Copies
  • Acquisition dates and book covers
  • Marginalia and other "scribbles"
30 Jan. 2024 9
David Ben 'Tis the Season on collecting
30 Jan. 2024 17
Stephen Fernandes One Fine Day in the Life of a Teenage Magician on Sandy Marshall, Lou Tannen, Dunninger, Richard Himber
30 Jan. 2024 25
Dean C. Arnold Dr. Lynn's Wand
30 Jan. 2024 29
Jonathan Allen, Jan Isenbart Kalanag's Fastest Photograph in the World - A Case-Study in Historical Recreation
30 Jan. 2024 33
William Schmeelk World's Most Modern Train and Magic Shop Lou Tannen - Model Railroader on Tannen's magic shop
30 Jan. 2024 41
James C. Hagy Jim's Whims on John Mulholland, Harry Houdini, Henry Ridgely Evans, Bob Lund
31 Apr. 2024 1
Mike Strong Two Unrecorded Henry Dean Chapbooks on two Henry Dean Hocus Pocus editions
31 Apr. 2024 5
Michael A. Perovich My First Encounters With Bob Gwodz and Orlando Bagely ob Bob Gwodz and Orlando Bagely's acts, Dai Vernon
31 Apr. 2024 9
Bob Cervas, Dr. Bruce J. Averbook The Classic Nest of Boxes - Elevated by Germain! with elevator table
31 Apr. 2024 13
Timothy Hyde In Praise of an Unknown Magician on a poster by an unknown magician
31 Apr. 2024 21
Samuel Porteous Little Wonder on Chee Toy, Chung Ling Soo
31 Apr. 2024 25
Julie Eng Sights & Sounds: The Magic of Tony Eng - An exhibition presented by the Chinese Canadian Museum on the exhibition about Tony Eng
31 Apr. 2024 33
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