Written by Stephen Minch
Work of Martin A. Nash
12 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations
Language: English
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Stephen Minch The Act intro
Martin A. Nash Aces for Experts Only any Ace called for
Inspired by 2
Martin A. Nash Up & Down Shuffle transfering cards from top to bottom or bottom to top
Harry Lorayne, Dai Vernon, Don Costello, Martin A. Nash The Card Sharp and the Four Gamblers
Related to 4
Martin A. Nash Any Way That You Want It named aces at named positions, false dealing
Inspired by 6
Martin A. Nash A Nash Multiple Shift Variation brief
Martin A. Nash The Side-Pocket Swindle card located in pocket, shuffle tracking presentation, deck switch
Related to 7
Harry Lorayne Fan Prediction #2 brief
Edward Marlo One-Shuffle Triumph
Edward Marlo, Martin A. Nash A Matching Routine
Inspired byVariations 9
All Around Square-Up Glimpse
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