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Peter Duffie Introduction
Jon Armstrong My Opening Act card peeked in rubber banded deck, another spectator names wrong card, but that card is later found in wallet
Also published here 4
Step Glimpse with rubber banded deck
Also published here 5
Jon Armstrong The Lucky Chip spectator locates a chosen card with a chip, selection is predicted on back of chip
Inspired byAlso published here 7
Lee Asher Milking the Boards fake milk shuffling sequence, overhand stacking gag
Also published here 10
John Bannon Aces Over Easy performer stops four times during over overhand shuffle, Aces shown at bottom of packets, Aces lost, they are shown reversed in center
Inspired by
  • "LJ Double-Undercut Aces" (Larry Jennings)
Also published here
Steve Beam Turning Heads chosen Queen suddenly looks into other direction, credit information
Also published here 16
John Born The Perfect Pick spectator removes random card, names three cards (one of them is the card), magician divines which is the card selected
Also published here 20
Steve Bryant Dr. Jaks Goes to Mexico three-part prediction of page number, a card and word from dictionary
Inspired by 24
Steve Bryant A Sure-fire Prediction deck spread face-up, then it is suddenly mixed face-up/face-down, then normal again, then all cards are shown Queens of Hearts, comedic presentation for Duvivier's deck
Inspired by
  • "The Deck That Shuffles Itself" (Dominique Duvivier)
Tony Cabral The Sting, Too riffle stacking demonstration, three fours-of-a-kind
Inspired by 29
Tony Cabral The Pub Shuffle "A New-ish Red/Black Shuffle"
Jack Carpenter Direct Control multiple shift with switch of three of the four cards
Related to 34
Jack Carpenter Open Spread Switch #1 card in spread is out-jogged, then all cards above it are turned over face up and in this action the card is switched
Steve Dacri Color-Changing Deck
Hindu Shuffle Display
Steve Dacri Hard to Improve on Perfection card to wallet anecdote
Marc DeSouza Curse of the Rasta Gypsy Curse handling with normal cards
Also published here 48
Fred Kaps Overhand Shuffle Hamman Count
Marc DeSouza Tipping the Sleight Fantastic thumb slide directly into cop position
Inspired by 51
Don May May’s Aces with bluff spacing, described by Steve Draun as the real thing
Related to 53
Steve Dusheck Mind-Reading Svengali peek deck made from svengali deck with indices written in a corner, then prediction of a card the spectator cuts to (svengali principle)
Steve Dusheck Pokerello one of five poker hands is chosen, it is predicted, Corvello Force variation
Steve Ehlers Stevens' Aces using Stevens Control with Depth Charge principle for Ace cutting
Dad Stevens Stevens Control
Also published here 66
Steve Ehlers Hold'em Stack stacking up to eight hands, faro
Tom Frame Leadership Potential kind of follow the leader effect with four quartets
Also published here 72
Tom Frame Off-Color Sandwich four odd-backed cards are supposed to find a signed selection, instead they are the matching four-of-a-kind with one of them being the signed selection
Also published here 78
Tony Miller Down and Out Force way to get into spread-cull
Cameron Francis Certainty card lost, a Seven is found and placed aside, top seven cards counted off, one changes into the Seven and the card placed aside is now selection, mates of selection are found as well
  • Impromptu Version
Variations 84
Cameron Francis George's Secret card lost, bill is folded and unfolded, a hole is now where the head on the printing was, portrait is stuck to back of selection, it vanishes again and bill is restored
Inspired by
  • "Sticky Greatness" (Cameron Francis, The Budget, Dec. 2010)
Jerry K. Hartman Position Possession selection is out-jogged near bottom, deck tabled, spectator names any higher number, card squared and riffled and card found at the named number
Double Deal brief
Also published here 93
Wesley James On the Visitors Plot credit information
Wesley James My Visitor II
  • Patter for the Visitor
Dai Vernon One-Handed Slip Cut
Wesley James The Swing Slip Cut during swing cut action
Related to 100
Wesley James Refinement of the One-handed Slip Cut
  • Tabled One-handed Slip Cut
  • Off the Table One-handed Slip Cut(s)
Inspired by 101
Wesley James The Discolored Visitor odd-backed, Carl Mellish plot
Wesley James Four-as-Four (Hiding Two, FAF-Two) Counts discussion of 4-as-4 counts
  • The FAF-Two M Count
  • The FAF-Two C Count
  • Application Notes
Related to 107
Wesley James Splay Grip small packet buckle, similar to reference
Related to 109
Joshua Jay Predictamation cut-off packet correctly estimated, four Aces found along the way, "You will run out of cards" message on a post-it on a card
Also published here
  • Linking Ring Parade, May 2010
Marty Kane Pole Dancing thirteen-card packet with picture cards and Ace of Spades, spelling various compass-related terms to end up with the Ace
Related to 115
Marty Kane Sofa King spelling trick involving the Kings and ending with a pun
Related to 118
Bob King Another Late Night Session spectator peeks at a card in incomplete faro condition, fairly lost, selection found, repeat, power stack with duplicates
Inspired byAlso published here 120
Bob King Color Cut color changing back kicker
Inspired byAlso published here 124
Nathan Kranzo Kranzo’s Kool Kut multiple packets, flourishy, top stock retained
Nathan Kranzo Instant Foursome
Chad Long Mat Slap card produced with folded close-up pad
Also published here 132
Chad Long T.C.O.H.T.P.C. "The Cheesy One Hand Top Palm Control"
Also published here 135
Harry Lorayne 3-4-1 three piles, spectator moves his selected card from pile to pile, performer divines piles and names card
Also published here 136
Harry Lorayne Sandwich Plus Two three selections sandwiched one by one
Also published here 140
Harry Lorayne The Spread Control table spread, bold
Also published here 140
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force card under fan
Bill Malone Up My Sleeve! ten cards, written by Lance Pierce
Nate Leipzig Overcount here five as seven
One-Handed Top Palm from small packet, angled to start with
Edward Marlo Miracle Change No. 1
Bill Malone The Incredible Six-Card Trick written by Lance Pierce
Inspired by
  • routine in Joe Riding lecture notes
Bill Malone, Edward Victor Edward Victor Count Variation
Ryan Matney Doc John's Aces spectator riffle shuffles deck and performer names the order of Aces in the deck, chosen one travels to pocket, interlocking chain principle
Inspired by 155
Ryan Matney Penultimate Man no table
Inspired by 157
William Goodwin, Larry Jennings Goodwin/Jennings Display
Philip T. Goldstein Cycle backs of four cards change color, red/blue double backer
Also published here 160
Philip T. Goldstein Cycle Exchange daley's last trick with color changing back kicker
Also published here 161
Philip T. Goldstein Cycle Twist twisting four cards, one by one, with color changing back kicker
Also published here 162
Philip T. Goldstein Cycle Elevator packet elevator with color changing back kicker
Also published here 163
Steve Mayhew, Tony Cabral The Way of All Flesh with entire suit
Also published here 165
Stephen Minch A-Ten-Tion prediction on table, three cards removed, two spectators are shown the cards, one sees three Threes of Hearts, the other three Sevens of Hearts, prediction card is Ten and the three cards change to other Tens, modified handling
Inspired by 169
Stephen Minch, Edward Marlo Quick Three-Way Display alignment move, with extra card
Also published here 171
Jim Patton The Clip Force and Applications intro
Jim Patton The Clip Force with card held out in clip palm
  • Other Thoughts (without clip, bottom card starts side-jogged)
Related to
  • "The Precision Clip Force" (Harvey Rosenthal, Magic, June 1993)
Jim Patton Spectators Find the Aces three spectators each stop during riffling and are shown a card, they then change to Aces to match a fourth selection
Jim Patton The Holdout Show stopped-at card shown while holding out a clip-palmed card, see also p. 181 for another handling
Jim Patton The Cardman Makes Good wrong selections found, they change to the right ones
Jim Patton Visual Retention Switch
Jeff Pierce The Blackjack Stack instruction card for blackjack game becomes selection,
Inspired by
  • "Side-Swiped" (Simon Aronson, marketed)
Gary Plants Collecting - Up in the Air card named and removed, three more cards chosen, mates of named card turn face up somewhere in deck, deck put aside, named card squeezed and it changes in collectors set of named value and selection in between
Inspired by 191
Gary Plants Count Me In number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selection, number predicted with four cards
Also published here 194
Michael Powers Switch on Dingle other Aces change to Royal Flush as kicker
Inspired by 197
Brother John Hamman Top Change Switch brief
Jon Racherbaumer Honeymoon Fusion with regular deck
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Scoop Up Switch
Steve Reynolds Easy Coin Cut
Inspired by
  • "Coin Cut" (U. F. Grant's 50 Kute Koin Tricks, 1940)
Larry Jennings, Jon Racherbaumer Bold False Cut from hand to table, left hand turns over and tables halves
Steve Reynolds In Memory of J. C. Wagner
Steve Reynolds (Direct) Twisted Collectors Twist/Collectors combination
Inspired byAlso published here 208
Chuck Morris Finessed ATFUS
Robin Robertson Kosky Transpo Sandwich two sandwiched cards transpose
Robin Robertson, Gerald Kosky Concealed Kosky Switch
Robin Robertson King Cornelius' Stack three spectators cut the deck, remember the bottom card of the pile and put the cards in their pockets, three thought of cards are divined and removed from the cut-off piles
  • Deluxe variant
Inspired by 216
Harvey Rosenthal The Old West seven-card collectors packet, the three sandwiched cards vanish and reappear
Harvey Rosenthal Packet Straddle Shift directly into left-hand palm
Harvey Rosenthal The Queens Go Belly Up Queens out-jogged from different parts, all squared up, suddenly the Queens are together in the center and reversed
Harvey Rosenthal Straddle Shift plus Reverse
Harvey Rosenthal Center Block Straddle Shift brief
Steve Shufton Co-Signed card signed on back by performer and on face by spectator, cut and restored
  • Making it Even Stronger
Bob Solari Bad Credit borrowed credit card is put between two playing cards and hole-punched
Bob Solari Invisible Opener named card is only reversed card, ungaffed
Ryan Swigert Hancock in Your Pants two signed cards to pocket, with 52-on-1 gag
Dan Tong The Tel-Tale Joker spectator takes a card from handkerchief-covered deck and puts it face up on top, Joker goes under handkerchief and then whispers card to performer, card is also predicted
Variations 239
Dan Tong Rough Guy spectator takes a card from handkerchief-covered deck and puts it face up on top and cuts deck, Joker goes under handkerchief and then whispers card to performer, card is also predicted, deck roughed on faces
  • Variation
Inspired by 241
Diamond Jim Tyler Frog Hair card stands up and falls over on performer's hand by itself
Also published here 243
Diamond Jim Tyler The Magic of Halitosis signed card becomes blank, rest of deck as well, signed card shows up again with commercial business message on back
Also published here 246
Mike Vance Speed Dating spectator touches card which is out-jogged, cards on either side make up the current date
Inspired by
  • "Dear Diary" (David Forrest, Ripped & Repaired)
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Mike Vance 4for3 Alchemy four Aces, three change to Kings
Chris Kenner 4for4 Switch
Michael Weber Tip of the Trunk packet of cards, two selections made and spelt, then divined, part of Spelephant routine
Inspired by 258
Caleb Wiles Color Heist one four-of-a-kind is odd-backed
Also published here 259
Veeser Concept Handling
Caleb Wiles Paparazzi Packet Trick packet version of Fulves's Gemini Twins with celebrity names written on back of cards
Also published here 263
Past Masters
Roger Klause Thoughts on Vernon's Out of Sight – Out of Mind "From a letter to Harvey Rosenthal, dated January 6th, 1971"
Related to 267
Roger Klause Thoughts on Roy Walton's Overworked Card "From a letter to Harvey Rosenthal, dated December 21st, 1970"
Inspired by 268
Roger Klause Thoughts on Vernon's Matched Spell Out selection spelled out, four-of-a-kind kicker with packets that made during spelling, "letter to
Harvey Rosenthal, dated July 27, 1969"
  • Bare Bones
  • The Cull
Inspired by 270
Gene Maze Peeping "Tom" Hotel Mystery version with four Queens, four Kings and a Joker, four Queen/King pairs become two Queen pairs and two King pairs
Also published here 273
Michael Skinner Four Ace Cutting four packets cut with an Ace on top of each
Steve Draun Breakless Double Undercut Top to Bottom
Also published here 277
Paul Swinford Bits and Pieces card torn up in pieces and they're laid out, number from one to eight named, and counted to, index corners found, Koran's binary newspaper
Related toAlso published here 279
Frank Thompson Oil & Water Displacement
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