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Written by Andy Nyman
Work of Andy Nyman
34 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Danny Buckler
Language: English
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Andy Nyman Dedication
Andy Nyman Introduction. 27.10.97.
Also published here 3
Andy Nyman Deep Red Prediction a movie is named, number named, in a bag is a copy of the chosen film and a membership card with the named number on it
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 4
Andy Nyman Forcing the Film from cards with movie names on them
Also published here 4
Andy Nyman Double Writing Subtlety
Also published here 7
Andy Nyman Homicide spectator cuts off a pile, performer names the number of cards, another pile is cut off and bottom card remembered, performer finds it
Also published here 8
Andy Nyman The Screw up Factor on making mistakes
Also published here 10
Andy Nyman Take The Money & Run nine empty film canisters, spectator chooses one and drops any coin in it and mixes the containers, performer divines the canister, the coin and the date on it
Also published here 11
Andy Nyman Flim Canister Switch with coin in it
Also published here 14
Andy Nyman Magicians Graphology three spectators make drawing on the back of business cards, performer looks at two and assigns them to the correct spectators, last drawing is divined
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Andy Nyman No Way Out watch, wallet and coin are borrowed, one chosen, it is predicted (with three outs)
Also published here 19
Andy Nyman Witness For The Prosecution medium out of room, then returns to divine type of murder and vicitm
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 23
Andy Nyman The Fargo Principle hiding lies with truths from your own experience
Also published here 26
Mike O'Brien, Andy Nyman The M.O.B. Billet Routine three-billet routine, divining a date, film and name
Also published here 28
Mike O'Brien, Theodore Annemann The Switch
Also published here 29
Andy Nyman Filmography on naming the tricks after films
Also published here 34
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