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Written by Andy Nyman
Work of Andy Nyman
28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Danny Buckler
Language: English
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Andy Nyman Dedication
Andy Nyman Introduction
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Andy Nyman The Dead Zone spectator hides three weapons in his pockets, performer divines where they are and has predicted it (Equivoque Distribution of Items)
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Andy Nyman Chair Swindle spectator sits on one of two chairs, it is predicted with envelopes under both chairs
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Andy Nyman Kick in the Head spectator chooses only odd-backed card from face-up spread
  • Gladiator
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Andy Nyman The Wet Headline Scenario! envelope switching anecdote
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Andy Nyman The Danny Rose Cigar Trick banknight with four cigar tubes, one contains a cigar, the others money
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Cigar Switch flip stick type action
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Andy Nyman The Hidden spectator places coin, wallet and watch on table, then cuts to three cards in deck of blank cards with objects written on them, the objects match the three removed items
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  • "Synonymental" (Ed Mellon)
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