Written by Andy Nyman
Work of Andy Nyman
288 pages (Hardcover), published by The Miracle Factory
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Danny Buckler
Language: English
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Andy Nyman Introduction
David Berglas Preface
Derren Brown Foreword
Todd Karr Publisher's Note
Short, Punchy, and Mental 1997
Andy Nyman Introduction (1997)
Also published here 17
Andy Nyman Deep Red Prediction a movie is named, number named, in a bag is a copy of the chosen film and a membership card with the named number on it
Inspired byAlso published here 21
Andy Nyman Forcing the Film from cards with movie names on them
Also published here 22
Andy Nyman Double Writing Subtlety
Also published here 23
Andy Nyman Think-a-Film updated routine without video cassette but DVD and website
Inspired by 25
Andy Nyman Homicide spectator cuts off a pile, performer names the number of cards, another pile is cut off and bottom card remembered, performer finds it
Also published here 27
Andy Nyman The Screw-Up Factor on making mistakes
Also published here 30
Andy Nyman Take the Money and Run nine empty film canisters, spectator chooses one and drops any coin in it and mixes the containers, performer divines the canister, the coin and the date on it
Also published here 31
Andy Nyman Flim Canister Switch with coin in it
Also published here 34
Andy Nyman Magicians' Graphology three spectators make drawing on the back of business cards, performer looks at two and assigns them to the correct spectators, last drawing is divined
Inspired byAlso published here 35
Andy Nyman No Way Out watch, wallet and coin are borrowed, one chosen, it is predicted (with three outs)
Also published here 39
Andy Nyman Witness for the Prosecution medium out of room, then returns to divine type of murder and vicitm
Inspired byAlso published here 43
Andy Nyman The Fargo Principle hiding lies with truths from your own experience
Also published here 46
Mike O'Brien, Andy Nyman The M.O.B. Billet Routine three-billet routine, divining a date, film and name
Also published here 49
Mike O'Brien, Theodore Annemann The Switch
Also published here 50
Andy Nyman Filmography on naming the tricks after films
Also published here 55
Anthony Owen A Double Lift
  • Visions of Nyman 1
on Andy Nyman
Also published here
  • The Magic Circular, 2000
Andy Nyman A New Word
  • Essay 1
on the word "fauxcess" (fake process)
Kosher Products 1999
Andy Nyman Introduction
Also published here 65
Andy Nyman The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly triple prediction of name, card and chocolate, three different methods, no one ahead
Also published here 67
Stop Trick spectator stops dealing, envelope with prediction is put onto dealt pile with secret card underneath
Also published here 71
Andy Nyman Charade blindfolded performer stops spectator while dealing through one half and vice versa, the cards match, then spectator selects a card and puts it in other half and performer finds it
Also published here 75
Andy Nyman Mr. Saturday Night nine envelopes with "Mr. Right?" on them, one chosen (PATEO), it describes the fiancé of the woman
Also published here 79
Andy Nyman Bonus Tips on Killer Elite
Related to
  • "Killer Elite" (Andy Nyman, marketed, ca. 1998)
Also published here
Andy Nyman Con Air with revelation of name
Inspired byAlso published here 85
Billet Switch
Also published here 87
Andy Nyman Dead of Night three cards in different positions remembered, they are spelled out with increasingly more stringent conditions
Also published here 93
Graham Hey, Andy Nyman It's a Wonderful Life
  • Visions of Nyman 2
Also published here
  • MagicSeen, 2005
Andy Nyman A True Story
  • Essay 2
Fight Dirty! 2002
Andy Nyman Introduction
Also published here 113
Andy Nyman The Dead Zone spectator hides three weapons in his pockets, performer divines where they are and has predicted it (Equivoque Distribution of Items)
Also published here 117
Andy Nyman Chair Swindle spectator sits on one of two chairs, it is predicted with envelopes under both chairs
Also published here 123
Andy Nyman Kick in the Head spectator chooses only odd-backed card from face-up spread
  • Gladiator
Also published here 127
Andy Nyman The Wet Headline Scenario! envelope switching anecdote
Also published here 132
Andy Nyman The Danny Rose Cigar Trick banknight with four cigar tubes, one contains a cigar, the others money
Also published here 135
Cigar Switch flip stick type action
Also published here 137
Andy Nyman The Hidden spectator places coin, wallet and watch on table, then cuts to three cards in deck of blank cards with objects written on them, the objects match the three removed items
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Synonymental" (Ed Mellon)
Also published here
Matthew Field, Andy Nyman Triple Threat
  • Visions of Nyman 3
on Andy Nyman
Also published here
  • The Magic Circular, 2008
Andy Nyman Golden Rules
  • Essay
Bulletproof Miracles
Andy Nyman Atonement spectator writes down a name and puts it either in a book of life or death (without seeing which is which), life is chosen, and performer divines the name
Andy Nyman Back to the Future spectator turns stem of pocket watch, resulting time is forced
Andy Nyman Big Reaction "(Lucky Cards Reborn)"
every card has "Boo" written on its back, but named selection has "Clap & Cheer"
  • Big Reaction
  • Lucky Cards (different presentation)
Inspired by
  • "Lucky Cards" (Roy Johnson, By My Guest Plus!, 1989)
Andy Nyman The Burning signed match mixed with bowl of matches, performer reaches in and finds it again
Andy Nyman Centre Tear center tear presentation/handling
Andy Nyman The Gift ten numbered gift bags are on the table, ten envelopes with numbers, spectators choose an envelope and thus a gift bag, only the birthday boy has a real present in his gift bag
Andy Nyman The Gourmet Coin Trick coin is held upright on the table with finger of a hand, finger is rubbed with other hand, coin then starts spinning
Andy Nyman The Heist spectator puts money in an envelope, it is mixed with three more envelopes and all but one are put through a shredder according to instructions, the money envelope remains, performer never touches anything
Andy Nyman Identity envelopes written onto with colored pens, one letter chosen, the right envelope and letter are predicted
Inspired by 209
Andy Nyman Mazeltov Aura Test borrowed watch is placed in wine glass which is put in padded envelope, four more identical envelopes are put on the floor and mixed with the one with the watch, performer stomps on four, the watch is left intact
Andy Nyman Minted two cards peeked at, first one travels under packet of mints on the table, other selection is folded in quarters inside mint packet (Listerine type)
Andy Nyman, Anthony Owen Miracle Monte blank cards with face of a Queen
  • Phase One: Follow the Queen
  • Phase Two: It's on the Table!
  • Phase Three: There Must Be More Than One Queen
  • Phase Four: The Miracle Vanish
  • Final Killer Phase: It's on the Table Again!
Variations 231
Edward Marlo Flushtration Count Handling
Larry Jennings Three Way Sequence
Stephen Tucker Bonus Sleight-Free Routine blank cards with face of a Queen
Inspired by 239
Andy Nyman Andy's Monte
Also published here
  • The Dungeon, issue 3
Andy Nyman Peeping Tom spectator writes or draws something on a business card which is placed in a stack of cards in two nested envelopes, performer divines or duplicates the information
Andy Nyman Pop Out battery is popped out of a playing card
Also published here
  • The Crimp 37
Andy Nyman The Sven Demo multi-phase Svengali pitch routine
Andy Nyman Time After Time borrowed watch is put face down on table, spectator should shout stop when the second hand is at a certain position and hits it exactly
Andy Nyman The Greatest Showbiz Secret how to change trousers in a small dirty toilet
Andy Nyman Windows cards with emotions written on them, spectator cuts to one and thinks of it, performer divines it
Andy Nyman A David Copperfield Experience
  • Essay 4
Copperfield in the audience of a Magic Castle performance
Andy Nyman, Richard Wiseman The Stalking of Marie Ambrose "An After-Dinner Ghost Story"
seance script, three choices made: four-digit number, one of six photographs, a time by spinning the hands of a pocket watch, all predicted, message written in blood appears at the end
  • Forcing the Year of Miss Ambrose's Death
  • Forcing the Photograph of Marie
  • Forcing the Time of Marie's Death
  • Switching the Song Sheet
  • Concluding Thoughts
Andy Nyman A Perfect Espresso
Andy Nyman Andy Nyman: Credits
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Andy Nyman Bulletproof Bonuses on the included extras
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