Written by Richard Kaufman
Work of Tom Mullica
220 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ton Onosaka
Language: English
58 entries
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Richard Kaufman Introduction
Johnny Thompson Foreword
Tom Mullica My Magical Life - An Autobiography by Tom Mullica
Richard Kaufman The Evolution of The Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre
  • 1965-1966 The Shed (Waupun, Wisconsin)
  • 1974-1975 The Abbey (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • 1976-1977 Clarence Fosters (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • 1978-1987 The Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Doty and His Plan
  • The Setup Behind the Bar and the Servante
  • The Music System
Richard Kaufman STOP! It is Crazy to Put Lit Cigarettes Inside Your Mouth on why Tom Mullica's eating cigarettes routine is not explained, basic tonguing
Richard Kaufman A Saturday Night Show at the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre beginning of Tom Mullica's show at the Tom-Foolery Bar
Tom Mullica The Number Trick card appears reversed at named number, card is then produced from fly and initial trick is repeated, as climax card is boomeranged and caught in the deck at named position
VariationsAlso published here 48
Tom Mullica Top to Center Reverse placing top card reversed to special position, one-handed
Also published here 49
Tom Mullica Card Produced From Fly
Tom Mullica Pasteboard Overdose four spectators each find their selection, in phase two all cards are lost and then spelt to, in phase three the cards are produced again (Gymnastic Aces), then cards travel to pocket, in the next phase cards travel under ashtray twice, entire routine with lots of byplay using cigarettes
Inspired by 52
Tom Mullica Hindu Shuffle Control hindu shuffle with jog
Harry Blackstone, Jr. Revolving Pass
Nate Leipzig Swivel Cut
Mahatma Control Mahatma Overhand Shuffle Control
S. W. Erdnase, Paul LePaul, Tom Mullica Erdnase Bottom Palm (Improved)
Inspired by 55
Thumb Count brief
Tom Mullica Schizophrenia crazy cigarette - match - potpourri
Also published here 59
Roy Kissell Cigarette Up the Nose
Tom Mullica Gathering Cards on Table Gag taking longer than necessary
Paul LePaul, Tom Mullica Gymnastic Aces selections leap one at a time out of the deck when shaking incompletely shuffled deck
Inspired by 65
Tom Mullica Multiple Top Change
Tom Mullica Cigarette from Upper Lip to Mouth flourish
Tom Mullica Miniature Globe Gag "Where are you from?"
Tom Mullica, Jim Ryan, Johnny Paul Cheek-To-Cheek
Inspired byVariations 74
Tom Mullica Buckle Count Finesse counting cards from hand on the table
Tom Mullica Gum Gozinta Balloon gozinta box handling with lots of gags using a bubble gum and a balloon, gum changes into balloon
Tom Mullica, Jim Ryan Taradiddle bill is folded and torn up
Inspired by 99
Karrell Fox, Tom Mullica Karrell's Kaput Kard card located behind back, then torn, pieces vanish except one piece, rest restored in deck
Inspired by 102
Tom Mullica Mullica's Complete Restoration Finale pieces of torn card visibly restore
Tom Mullica Nicotine Nincompoop lots of cigarettes are lit and apparently eaten with napkins, no explanation given
Tom Mullica The Apple Trick card under ashtray, one in matchbook and one to apple with apple ventriloquism bit
Richard Kaufman, Tom Mullica For Many Years, Tom Closed the Show Another Way... on Duke the rabbit puppet
Tom Mullica Card is Cigarette or Chicken is Elephant cigarette turns into rolled up signed card, not IN cigarette
VariationsAlso published here 131
Tom Mullica Cigarette Switch in mouth
Tom Mullica A.E.R.O.B.I.C. - Automatic Entry Roll Over Bill in Cigarette signed borrowed bill in borrowed cigarette, featuring tonguing clean-up
Also published here 136
Tom Mullica Clockwise Cigarette Restoration two pieces held in v-shape and one is moved clockwise, cigarette ends up restored
Variations 141
Tom Mullica It's Matchic three pieces placed between fingers of fist, restoration
Also published here 144
Tom Mullica The Mullica Wallet discussion, basic handling
Related to 147
Tom Mullica Shenanigan Matches matches fall from matchbox, then matchbox is filled again with matches
Also published here
  • "Magic Manuscript" 1982.
Tom Mullica Torn and Restored Cards to Pocket seven cards up the sleeve to pocket, last card is torn and one corner handed out, found restored in pocket
S. W. Erdnase, Tom Mullica Erdnase Bottom Palm Replacement
Tom Mullica The Signature Trick one card is signed on back and one on the front, signature from back is moved to other card
Tom Mullica The Future Change as card is pushed aside with hand that holds deck
Also published here 161
Tom Mullica Double-Ended Jarrow lit cigarette through handkerchief, burning napkin in process
Also published here
  • "M-U-M" 1979.
Tom Mullica Machiavellian Bill in Cigarette using multiple cigarettes
Tom Mullica The Oviparous Sack with production of glas and bottle of beer as climax
Tom Mullica The Card in Mouth
Card Fold sixth, palm
Also published here 184
Tom Mullica Opening Folded Card With Mouth
Tom Mullica Rouge de Paris three cups, using sponge balls, final loads introduced in the beginning
The Pick Up picking up cup with ball hidden under it, pinky
The Transfer transferring ball under cup, while stacked cup is removed from other cup
The Load loading sponge ball under cup
The Steal stealing sponge ball from under cup, similar to shell game basic move
The Pretended Placement
Tom Mullica Smoke Cocktail complete routine for smoke in glass
Production of a Handkerchief sleeve steal
Richard Kaufman One-Hour Skeleton Timetable - Show Time at the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre
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