Lecture Notes for Pebblepalooza 9, Dallas, Texas
Written by Tyler Wilson
Work of Tyler Wilson
85 pages (Stapled), published by Cherry Villain
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
16 entries
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Tyler Wilson The Herd acknowledgements
Tyler Wilson Howdy
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Three-Shell Game
Tyler Wilson Thread the Needle one-handed double-layered phase, on keeping the sting in monte routines
Inspired by 5
Tyler Wilson Lemon Squeezy phase in which two caps are balanced on both thumbs temporarily
Related to 13
Tyler Wilson Marky Mark shell with pea is marked on the inside, mark is then in another shell later
Tyler Wilson Peas & Cues shells are moved with straws, yet pea cannot be followed
Tyler Wilson Empty Nest nine clear nesting glass bowls are placed over pea, pea vanishes from under bowls
Tyler Wilson Bait & Switch handling variations of the Curry Swindle Switch
  • Swindle 1
  • Swindle 2 (Rich Aviles)
  • Swindle 3
  • Swindle 4
  • Swindle 5
  • Swindle 6
  • Swindle 7
  • Swindle 8
  • Swindle 9
Inspired by 29
Tyler Wilson Pre-Will three items on table, "push two forward and pull one back", outcome predicted, ploys to make the Free Will principle more deceptive
  • Will 1
  • Will 2
  • Will 3
  • Will 4
  • Will 5
Tyler Wilson Wrecked Angle long envelope with paper strip is cut at an angle where the spectator wants, it turns out that it was exactly cut where "Surprise" is written on it
Inspired by
  • Albert Spackman's "Clip Line" ("Newspaper Test", The Gen Vol. 20 No. 6, Oct. 1964)
  • "Cut Here" (Jay Sankey, ca. 2002)
Tyler Wilson Ariel Bold paper strip with movie titles is cut anywhere, the movie there is misunderstood as the combination of two titles, gag poster as prediction, can also be accomplished with Inertia Pro app (Marc Kerstein, 2017)
Inspired by
  • Albert Spackman's "Clip Line" ("Newspaper Test", The Gen Vol. 20 No. 6, Oct. 1964)
Paddle Move with Paper
Tyler Wilson Inverse Square Law offbeat presentations for a magic square, starts out with fully filled grid of numbers which turns out as a prediction of a freely named number
  • Erauqs 1
  • Erauqs 2
Tyler Wilson Atsego two-way out solution, spectator can change mind until the end
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