Written by Al Leech

Work of Al Leech

24 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

(22 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech Quad Reverse three Mates of selected Card turn over 3
Al Leech Eight Card Transposition 3
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 3
Al Leech Aces Red and Black on the pack, two methods 5
Unknown The Slide Glide 5
Al Leech Ace Sandwich sandwiched card transposes with another card, happens in deckRelated toVariations 6
Al Leech Alternate Method for "Aces Red and Black" 6
Al Leech A Suspicious Move garden path 7
Al Leech Hindu Bottom Slip Cut 7
Al Leech Spots to Spare Spot is removedRelated to 8
Al Leech Ace, Deuce, Trey 11
Unknown Bottom Steal Color Change classic 11
Al Leech Surprise Monte two Cards Change at the end 13
Al Leech Peek Reverse 14
Unknown Spectator's Peek spectator opens deck 14
Al Leech The Black Jacks 15
Al Leech A Quick Theft instantly pulled from pocket 17
Al Leech Card Case Conjuration from deck to between Jacks in Case 18
Al Leech The Sandwich Deal pseudo false dealing 20
Al Leech A Variation for "Card Case Conjuration" 20
Al Leech A Reverse Discovery Aces put in deck, Kings found, Aces reversed 21
Al Leech A Double Coincidence cards chosen from two decks 23