Written by John Lovick
Work of Jon Allen
205 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin Preface: A Note From The Publishers
Gregory Wilson Foreword
Jon Allen Introduction
Section 1: Tricks & Routines
Chapter 1: The I.B.M. Competition Act
John Lovick The I.B.M. Competition Act introduction to Jon Allen's act and its composition, see following entries for effects
  • Requirements
  • Setup
  • Performance
Jon Allen Infinity Deck stripper and half the deck are SBS double facers, see below Triumph routine for application
Jon Allen The Big Cig giant cigarette and giant match are produced from spectator's jacket
Jon Allen Travelex wire coat hanger in tissue paper transposes with three coins in performer's pocket
Inspired by 10
Jon Allen Isolated Isosceles three coins and three cards
Jon Allen, Al Schneider Pick-Up Move Handling
Jon Allen Triumphinity half the deck are double facers
Inspired by 16
Jon Allen Gluteus Prediction prediction seems wrong but depicts the spectator sitting on a prediction which turns out to be correct, for chair load see p. 9
Related toAlso published here 17
Jon Allen Ring in Party Popper performed over several routines
Chapter 2: Close-up & Walkaround Magic
Jon Allen Ghost crumpled bill moves, then jumps out of glass into other hand, ear hook-up
Inspired byRelated to 23
John Lovick Notes on floating bill and floatation effects
Jon Allen My Opening Line approaching a group in walk-around magic
Jon Allen Freddy's Dead with two alternative endings that happen in the spectator's hands
Inspired by
  • Daryl's routine
Related toAlso published here
Jon Allen Non-False Count a display in which the three equal ropes are seemingly held separated
Jon Allen Citizen Cane white and brown sugar packets are signed, sugar inside packets change places
Also published here 38
Juan Tamariz Double Crossing the Gaze Switch
Jon Allen Striking Ring Switch fake ring visually changes into borrowed ring via Striking Vanish application
Inspired by 41
Jon Allen The Hole pen through coin routine, with finger ring
Also published here 44
Jon Allen Unique Coin Bend using "Coin Unique" set
Jon Allen Weird Science spoon bending routine with extra bowl
Jon Allen True Lies an actually torn rubber band is restored
Also published here 53
Jon Allen The Experience is Everything
Jon Allen E. T. ring on rubber band, rubber band is broken and restored to remove ring
Inspired byAlso published here 55
Jon Allen Burning Rubber routine around Crazy Man's Handcuffs
  • Wrist Band (rubber band penetrates off the performer's wrist)
  • Band-It (Crazy Man's Handcuffs done backwards)
  • Crazy Man's Handcuffs
  • The Finger (spectator holds one of the bands)
  • Snap Back (rubber band jumps onto performer's wrist, flourish)
  • Wristoration (rubber band is torn and restored around the spectator's wrist)
Dan Harlan, Jon Allen Wrist Band
Inspired by
  • "Pseudo Wrist Penetration" (Dan Harlan, Magic With Rubber Bands, Vol. 2, 1995)
Loren Michaels Band-It Crazy Man's Handcuffs done backwards
Also published here 61
Michael Goldman Snap Back rubber band jumps onto performer's wrist, flourish
Also published here
  • Dan Harlan's Magic With Rubber Bands, Vol. 3, 1995
Jon Allen Wristoration rubber band is broken and restored around spectator's wrist
Also published here 66
Jon Allen Palm-up Bill Switch bill switch done palm up, visual
Also published here 70
Jon Allen Inner Space post-it message put on bill changes, bill switch
Also published here 76
Jon Allen Oralgami paper with text is folded several times and unfolded again, text is longer than paper has surfaces
Also published here 78
Chapter 3: Card Tricks
Jon Allen High Society thought-of card on ceiling
Also published here 85
Jon Allen The Force cards dribbled with spectator looking in, top card forced, black number card with red number cards before it
Also published here 85
Jon Allen Thought-of Card in Envelope bill seen in window envelope, later it is "thought-of" card
Jon Allen One Trick Two Names odd-backed signed mystery card
Inspired by 92
Jon Allen Executive Decision without table, spectator is handed cards and he puts them on top or bottom of packet in his hand
Also published here 95
Jon Allen Divided Deck Shuffle with Spectators deck distributed, center packet shuffled by performer
Display Pass
Jon Allen 1709 Walkabout without table
Jon Allen Spread Reverse Handling similar to Larreverse
Jon Allen The Wedding Trick blank deck with names written on them, groom and bride select cards with their names on them, selection procedure with post-it notes that are placed into deck with Gemini Twins placement
Related to 103
Jon Allen Playing how to create effects
Jon Allen Out of Sight spectator reverses one card behind the back, deck is spread face-up and performer quickly finds mate via spelling or counting in spread
Also published here 107
Jon Allen Against All Odds spelling to find a card, matches prediction, all other cards are the same
Inspired by
  • "Esprit" (Jean-Pierre Vallarino, marketed 2002)
Also published here
Jon Allen Lucky Card deck has a bullet hole through it, chosen card matches the "lucky card" that stopped the bullet, 1-0-1 forcing deck
Jon Allen The Usual Suspects using two decks, card is chosen and then spectator names "name" which is written on the back of the card which matches selection in second deck
Also published here 116
Jon Allen Force of Nature Fred, name of spectator on card, two decks
Also published here 120
Jon Allen Drop Zone deck appears and card is selected, coin appears on selection, everything vanishes again
Also published here 122
Michael Ammar, John Kennedy Coin Production coin drops from head
Also published here 123
Chapter 4: Stand-up Magic
Jon Allen Grabbit Production balloon is popped and bottle appears
Inspired by
  • "Splash Bottle" (Damien Vappereau & Jean-Mark Sainclaire, marketed 2000)
Jon Allen Signal Strength three spectators put their cell phones in padded envelope, a fourth dummy envelope with a toy phone is added, performer assigns envelopes to correct spectators who phone their phones and they ring, fourth envelope is smashed with hammer
Jon Allen Thumb Tack Marking thumb tip with thumb tack to mark envelopes on the fly
Jon Allen Word's Funniest Joke five envelopes with parts of a joke are put in right order
Jon Allen Credit Cut bank night type effect with spectator's credit card
Jon Allen White Noise
Section 2: Moves, Sequences & Bits of Business
Chapter 5: Cards
Jon Allen Basil four-packet flourish cut
Inspired by
  • "Kalush's cut" (Bill Kalush, Magic Manuscript, Dec. 1982/Jan. 1983)
Jon Allen The Four Musketeers production of four Aces, while cutting the deck in the hands
Also published here 153
John Gordon G-Cut
Also published here 153
Jon Allen Out of Your Brain motivation for switching sides
Jon Allen Invisible Palm Finale last card put on hand, several cards put on top, card is no longer there at the end, impression on palm remains
  • Notes (double backer suggestion by Andi Gladwin)
Chapter 6: Miscellaneous
Jon Allen Twins lighter is split in two
Also published here 163
Jon Allen Helicopter Band one-handed flourish in which rubber band spins around out-stretched first finger
Jon Allen Latex Genie trick with two modelling balloons, air pocket is moved from end to end via squeezing
Also published here 167
Jon Allen Push Through Move ball penetrates cup, Charlie Miller phase alternative
Also published here 170
Jon Allen Ring off String Move ring links onto string
Related to 172
Jon Allen Tipless Bill Switch Holdout under wrist watch
Jon Allen Coins Across Finale three coins, last coin into spectator's hand
Related to 177
Section 3: Taking Things Further
Chapter 7: Presentations & Thoughts on a Few Plots
Jon Allen No Pressure Card Spread handling of the gag in which a card is openly pushed forward as the spectator is about to take a card
Jon Allen Spectators Don't Exist
Jon Allen Adlibitious Card ambitious card presentational idea, spectator writes any word on card instead of signing it
Inspired by
  • "Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?" (Tyler Wilson, column on website online-visions.com, 2006)
Jon Allen Destination Box presentation for the marketed "Destination Box"
Jon Allen Destination Box for Kids presentation for the marketed "Destination Box"
Jon Allen Schrödinger's Card idea of giving out an envelope with the signed card without opening it
Related to
  • Michael Ammar's re-sealing the lemon after Bill to Lemon
Jon Allen Questions questions to ask when developing material
Jon Allen Printout for Gluteus Prediction
Related to 199
Jon Allen With thanks to
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