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Mark Strivings Welcome
Mark Strivings Some general observations... on walk-around mentalism
Mark Strivings Predic-a-Date prediction of date on coin, coin placed in envelope, with slight variation
VariationsAlso published here 6
Shuttle Pass brief
Terry Nosek Suite Prediction cards with different names of hotels, and with numbers, number is built and hotel chosen, match prediction in envelope
Variations 9
PATEO brief
Terry Nosek Matrix / Magic Square Principle numbers from 1 to 9 in cards used to force a number
Also published here
  • "PEA Mentalist's Technical Bulletin" #102-1A. 1979.
Docc Hilford Who Knows? The Pendulum Knows! yes or no question is divined, with pendulum
Related to 12
Mark Strivings Sort-of-Numerology numbers from month and day added, total is divined, fishing and probability
Mark Strivings "What A Great Out!" ideas for pocket writing, loading in window envelope
Mark Strivings Routining routining mentalism for walk-around
Richard Webster You are a Psychic six blank cards and one with message on one side, spectator selects card with message
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count
Ed Fowler Rings or Watches? using rings and watches of spectators
Terry Nosek Close-Up Double Date birthdate revelation, center tear and calendar card as joke
Anthony Lindan Psi O.U. number on card rearrange into spectator's hands
Related to 33
Mark Strivings Approaching The Table
John Riggs The Compleat One-Person Tableside Psychic Act several spectators draw symbols on cards, divination of symbols and who drew it, three phases
Larry Becker Zip Code Marking
Mark Strivings Warm Fuzzies Up Close cards with colors and gem stones, pair selects each and colors match, PATEO
Inspired byVariations 39
Robert Waller Psychic Psuds spectator look at a beer and form name of a card, when deck is removed, back of named card matches brand of beer, two methods
Variations 41
Gene Urban You Have The Power! code by placement on table, spectator locates second half of bill under object
Related to 44
Terry Nosek A Penny For Your Thoughts one of three coins is selected and predicted on business card
Docc Hilford Look Deep Into My Spoon ESP symbol is written on paper and burnt, spoon bends over card with matching symbol, updated handling
Related to 47
Mark Strivings ESP For Fun And Profit three phase routine with ESP deck, phase two with prediction billet in envelope
Inspired byRelated to 49
Don Diavolo Tomorrow's Card Billet Index
Related to 53
Mark Strivings A few final words...
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